Quad City Steamwheelers Helmet Auction Net $6,960 for Genesis Senior Compassion Fund

The Quad City Steamwheelers helped raise $6,960 after the regular season finale at the i wireless Center on Thursday, July 26. All proceeds from the auction will go to benefit the Genesis Senior Compassion Fund.
“We want to thank the Steamwheelers and all of the fans who participated in the auction,” says Ken Croken, Vice President of Corporate Communications and Marketing for Genesis Health System. “It was a great success for a great cause and a lot of fun. The proceeds to the Genesis Senior Compassion Fund will positively impact the lives of seniors who will receive financial assistance to purchase medications, home health equipment and eye glasses.”

Quarterback Matt Pike’s helmet garnered the highest bid at $500, while fullback/linebacker Kika Kaululaau’s helmet sold for $475. In addition to auctioning off the helmets, the Steamwheelers gave fans, the opportunity to win a helmet through a raffle.

“Our fans once again showed why they are the best in the arenafootball2league,” says Mike Bawden, the Managing Partner of the Steamwheelers. “The helmet auction allowed our fans the opportunity to own a special collectors item and raise nearly $7,000 for a very special cause.”

The team normally wears gold helmets with red smoke stacks, but for this special occasion the team wore a red helmet with blue smoke stacks. Fans who won the helmets had them autographed and were able to take them home following the auction.

The amount of each helmet is below:

#24 Jack Walker Jr. $225.00

#8 Kimo Naehu $250.00

#2 Matt Pike $500.00

#4 Kevin Adams Jr. $375.00

#16 Nikolas Kerr $400.00

#60 Andy Endemann $325.00

#5 Lavar Stepter $325.00

#78 Kika Kaululaau $475.00

#3 Jeff Macrea $275.00

#9 Jordan Davis $300.00

#98 Ryan Pahua $175.00

#11 J.J. Raterink $400.00 #12 Shonn Bell $250.00

#6 Kris Peters $375.00

#70 Mark Cristiani $275.00

#91 Trevor Misipeka $300.00

#40 Jermaine Petty $325.00

#72 Chris Jahnke $400.00

#28 Tom Anthony $400.00

#1 Sidney Lewis $300.00

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