Award-winning Auctioneer Raises Millions for Corporations, Estates and Non-Profits; Auctioning Real Estate, Fine Art, Wine, Classic Automobiles

Rowlan Hill, a 20-year veteran of the auction business, makes his living as a professional auctioneer. Auctioning is one of the oldest forms of marketing, and according to the National Auctioneers Association (NAA), an auction can maximize sales revenue above any other method of property selling. Last year, auctions generated nearly 240 billion dollars in sales.

In a recent survey by the national auctioneers association, only 20 percent of the members listed auctioneering as their sole source of income. Hill auctions automobiles, fine art, industrial equipment, real estate, and charities. The comical and high-energy auctioneering professional has conducted overwhelmingly successful live auctions in English and Spanish throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. His melodic delivery brings millions of dollars in sales revenue and commissions to many of his clients and in return, he has won more championship titles than 99 percent of auctioneers worldwide.

One of North America’s most sought-after auctioneering professionals, Hill is known industry-wide for his smooth and rhythmic chant that reminds one of a crooner’s ballad. His alluring selling style is amazingly effective at attaining bids well above expected levels.

When asked about the value of the products he has sold through auction, Hill replied, “I estimate that the value is easily in the billions.” The award-winning auctioneer has demonstrated many times over that he possesses the skill, personality and charm that greatly enhance his clients’ auction experiences, as well as their commissions. “Col. Rowlan Hill exemplifies the bid calling ability all auctioneers wish to achieve. Recently in June, he was crowned the Arizona State Auctioneers Champion,” said Paul C. Behr, World Wide College of Auctioneers in Mason City, Iowa.

Hill is equally adept at auctioning fine art at a black-tie affair as he is selling horses in a pair of Wranglers; though his first love is emceeing and entertaining at celebrity fundraising benefits and high-profile charity affairs.
Having spent significant time in Michoacan, Mexico, Hill developed a love for the country and the Mexican culture. He is extremely proud of his work in Mexico and Spanish speaking communities in the United States.

Fluent in the Spanish language, he has conducted numerous charity auctions to raise funds for scholarships, families in need, children victims of domestic violence, breast cancer and other benefits throughout the United States and Mexico.


Rowlan Hill is a 20-year veteran champion auctioneer. Fluent in Spanish, Hill has mastered auctions in Canada and Mexico, and he maintains expert auctioneer status throughout the United States. Hill is winner of the 1989 International Livestock Auctioneer Championship (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), 2005 Pacific Open Auctioneer Pro Division Champion (San Diego, CA) and is currently the 2007 Arizona State Auctioneer Champion.
Rowlan Hill currently resides in Phoenix, Ariz.