Auctions International Inc. Moves Forward to Become a Fully Reporting Company

Auctions International Inc. , a technology company that owns and markets proprietary software to enable real time online auctions of virtually any product or commodity for use by the wholesale market, announced today that it is moving forward with its plans to become a fully reporting company. As part of the process to become listed on the OTC Bulletin Board, the Company is in the process of auditing its financial statements and is nearing the completion of its Form SB-2 Registration Statement to be filed with the SEC.

Douglas Mann, president and CEO of Auctions International Inc., said, “A move to the OTC Bulletin Board is part of our strategy to strengthen our visibility in the marketplace as we launch our first application of our online, real-time auction technology platform. Becoming a fully reporting company is in line with our goals to increase the liquidity and transparency of our stock, and provide greater opportunity to reach new investors. We look forward to completing the process in the near-term.”

About Auctions International Inc.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary AutoBidLive, Auctions International Inc. is set to bring together over 65,000 North American licensed pre-owned auto dealers into a dynamic online auction reducing their dependence on physical auctions. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, dealers can make bids in real time, move inventory, and search and buy vehicles specific to consumer’s needs. In addition to online automobile auctions for the wholesale market, Auctions International Inc. has identified multiple commodity verticals, which could benefit from its leading-edge online auction technology platform. Additional information about Auctions International Inc. as well as corporate structure and stock capitalization can be viewed on the Company’s website at