Napa Valley Wine Auctions

Napa Valley is situated in Napa County, California. Napa Valley is regarded as one of the finest wine regions in California and the entire United States, with a history that goes back in time to the nineteenth century. The blend of the Mediterranean type of weather, natural features and geology of the valley are advantageous to grow the finest quality wine grapes.

The initial founder George C. Yount was the first to plant wine grapes in Napa Valley. In the year 1864 George C. Yount’s son-in-law Thomas Rutherford and his new bride Elizabeth were given 1040 acres of land in the region, which is currently known as Rutherford as a wedding gift from Elizabeth’s father. Thomas Rutherford made an investment in producing grapes and winemaking from the year 1850 to 1880 and launched himself as being a cultivator and manufacturer of high-quality wines.

The Napa Valley Wine Auctions are probably the planet’s most soigne charitable wine events as they comprise of a four-day churn of parties, wine tasting events, scrumptious dinners, and amazing auctions. However, wine labels are the main source of the renowned names at this event. You might spot Bob Mondavi talking energetically or Robert Sinskey hosting a formal lunch within the caverns that were dug into the rocky hill at the rear of his vineyard. You can also come across John Trefethen getting excited on the subject of walnuts and wine, and Jack Cakebread proudly explaining the gastronomic treasures at his American Harvest Festival that takes place once a year.

Although the majority of the crowd is rich including the executives in the technology sector, restaurateurs, business tycoons as well as entertainment magnates, the event in addition attracts schoolteachers, banking professionals, and the rare appearances of the basketball superstars. There are a lot of them who in no way have raised a paddle to place their bid. However, they all share one general connection. Every one of them simply loves wine and the romance associated in particular.

The Napa Valley Vintners Association that is 50 years old does not lack in any romantic settings; continuous vineyards, wineries dressed in ivy, ancient stone caves and charismatic modern ones. All these thrilling experiences are not cheap in any way. A total Wine Auction package price is set at $1,000 per person. It gives you the right of entry to every one of the events as well as a bidding paddle. All you will have to do is select and decide amongst those that have common characteristics.

Since the past 19 years, the auction has collected approximately $20 million for medical as well as psychotherapy services for land tillers, families having low income and pregnant mothers, women and children susceptible to mistreatment, and people suffering from ‘Aids’. The Auction profits that sum up to more than $8 million go to a Napa Valley Health Care Fund, an annual donation for the future health care of the poor valley workers.

The event commences with two silent auctions, one being ‘the barrel’ auction and the other ‘the private donor’ auction. ‘The barrel’ auction takes place at Silverado Vineyards where the guests get to taste the sample wines from barrels that have not yet been released. The silent auction sells private donor lots as well. These donors present well-aged and rare wines that are prepared by the vintners in the Napa Valley.