Hollywoods Famous Zone Materializes in Online Auction

For nearly 50 years, Hollywood’s “studio zone” has been the epicenter of the entertainment industry. Since that time, the studio zone has been defined as “all territory within the radius of 30 miles from the intersection of Beverly Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, California” and it has seen the best and the worst of entertainment born from within its womb. This week, a cyber Studio Zone will be unveiled.

Now that the studios are converting to digital production and content delivery, isn’t it time that the studio zone goes digital as well? Of course. With the advent of online deal tracking databases, script coverage services and celebrity gossip, tinsel town will soon no longer be land-locked. Yet, still hovering in the ether as orphaned bits and packets, the Hollywood community has yet to find its cyber studio zone, an entertainment hub.

Ten years ago, with such a hub in mind, Danielle Stallings consulted with a programmer and pitched her idea for She registered the domain name and began working on a site hosted by, an Orange County ISP run by her sister, April. Perhaps the girls were simply ahead of their time. Conditions were simply not yet ripe for such a venture and Hollywood didn’t come knocking. Both Danielle and April eventually moved on to other endeavors.

Fast forward to the present. The complete “digitization” of Hollywood certainly looms on the horizon. Stallings, an emerging filmmaker, has decided to take out of storage and dust it off. The moniker “Studio Zone”, one of the most recognized and enduring terms in the entertainment industry, is now ripe for exploitation in cyberspace.

On September 7, 2007, will go up for auction on eBay. The StudioZone site has enormous potential as an entertainment hub and brand. With that in mind, Stallings has already turned down several offers to sell off the domain to non-entertainment companies. She reports, “the auction has a reasonable reserve. The domain is affordable and perhaps a visionary MBA student will end up with the site.”

Stallings will be shooting her first feature film in May 2008. She explains further, “I’ve worked in business affairs for ten years now. I’m ready to be creative again. It’s time to pass the baton and this domain forward so it can become the online destination I imagined.” She plans to use the proceeds from the sale for a research trip to Russia for the new film. Now that’s certainly creative.