EasyBid Auctions Tells EBay to Watch Out, Theres A New Kid on the Block

EasyBidAuctions.com was just recently released to the public. This U.K.-originated company has given the public the world’s first 100 percent free online auction platform. There are no fees to list or sell items on EasyBidAuctions.com. Individuals can list as many items as they want for as long as they want and never spend a dime on listing fees.

EasyBidAuctions.com gives everyone the opportunity to become a lifetime member for a one-time $50 membership fee, but it is not required to list items. As a member, individuals will be able to upgrade and enhance their ads at no charge and receive a 200 item online store.

EasyBidAuctions.com is a profit share organization and a percentage of the membership fees are shared with all of its members. Founders Michelle and Tony Wruk stated, “This is a free service – the fastest and most efficient way to promote EasyBid is through rewarding people who spread the word.”

The Wruk’s “share the wealth” approach to this lucrative industry will surely skyrocket EasyBidAuctions.com into history. Visit ‘http://www.EasyBidAuctions.com’ to learn more.