Gold and Silver will be Hot Commodities for Online Auctions

Alan Mendelson of is a well known financial news reporter and commentator in Los Angeles and Southern California and in 2005 he correctly called the start of the new bull run in gold and silver prices.

With gold now priced above $700 an ounce, Mendelson is telling his readers in to consider investing in silver because silver is undervalued.

“There is a historic price ratio between gold and silver,” says Mendelson, and “silver has not kept up with the run up in gold prices. Silver is the metal to buy right now.”

Mendelson’s latest article in the ALERTS section of and the companion web site spells out the ratio between gold and silver and explains his target price for silver right now.

“Gold and silver will be the hot commedities on eBay in the next couple of weeks as coin dealers and metals traders move their stock to online sites to start generating profits,” says Mendelson. “Some of the inventory in the vaults of these eBay sellers have been sitting there for years at prices that are half of what they are now. At the same time, eBay buyers will be searching for deals on these metals and eBay auctions and other online auctions will offer those opportunities.”

Mendelson cautions those who are not familiar with the metals markets to be careful about buying rare coins. He suggests in his web site articles the best and lowest risk ways of buying silver. “You should be educated about junk silver. Junk silver is the best way to speculate on silver now,” says Mendelson. He defines “junk silver” in his articles.

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