Dominitech Market Place Becomes Easier to Use for eBay Users

Dominitech, a popular search engine and Internet portal, has announced an enhancement to its new Dominitech Market Place. The Dominitech Market Place launched in April 2007 to serve as a quick and easy way for eBay users to promote their auctions.

The enhancement offers a more user friendly method of exposing an eBay auction to thousands of visitors. This free service was originally launched in April of 2007 but offered a rather clunky auction submission. Now with the enhancement you’ll find no more description submission, no more copy and paste of auction titles, no more right click to find out the image URL, all you have to do now is submit your eBay item number.

Key Benefits of the Dominitech Market Place:

Automated approval to list your auction.
Auction will be listed for up to five days.
Many users experience a flow of hundreds of hits to their auction.
Many users see increased number of bids.

Before Dominitech closed most of its services back in 2004 after downsizing, the Domintech Market Place was called the Dominitech Shopping Area. It served as a dynamic shopping/comparison site using product feeds from top merchants. The new business model for the Dominitech Market Place involves primarily using it to promote eBay and to help eBay sellers get what they like most, more bids.
Dominitech and its properties, although lacking in an abundance of services, still receives a decent amount of site traffic. For example, the Dominitech search engine receives around 4,000 search queries a day. It is currently run by a group of people working part time with a single goal in mind; to restore it to its former glory.

Jeff Herrera, Affiliate Marketing Manager and a major player in this resurrection effort, takes a personal interest in the Dominitech Market Place, “When I submit my own auctions, the selling price turns out to be higher than usual, probably due to the increased number of people bidding.”

About The Dominitech Market Place:
The Dominitech Market Place is located at
Auctions are listed on the first page with links that go off into their submission form and some helpful FAQs.