Team Double-Click, Inc. Expands to Service Internet and eBay Retailers

Internet retailers and eBay sellers can benefit from specialized virtual assistance from the nation’s largest virtual staffing firm. Internet Savvy Virtual Assistants can help with all of the mundane tasks of running your internet business. You’ve got a website to maintain, internet marketing to do, orders to fill, customers to satisfy, and databases to maintain. You are a successful eBay or online entrepreneur. It’s a big job, and till now, getting help meant making space in your home for an assistant, paying for retail space, or hiring employees.
Now, you can work with the nation’s largest virtual staffing firm, and the only virtual staffing firm to offer a 30 day guarantee. With ten years of success in virtual staffing, Team double click is confident that we can match you with a professional who has the skills, personality, and communication skills to help you manage your business. Best of all, our virtual assistants own their own businesses and take personal responsibility in making your business the success you want it to be.Many online businesses have never considered how a virtual assistant could help them grow, expand, and maintain their business. Internet retailers can benefit in many ways. Here are just a few examples:
• Update your website• Manage your product catalogue• Fill your orders • Order supplies• Schedule services• Coordinate Vendors• Research new products• Submit your website to search engines• Create and manage your marketing campaigns• Monitor the number of hits on your website• Compile mailing lists• Write and send your newsletter, marketing materials, and correspondence• Help with planning your startup business• Screen your phone calls• Provide customer service by phone, email, or chat• Have your information products printed, bound, and shipped to them for delivery• Coordinate with a web designer or other vendors• Answer emails• Screen potential vendors
Team double-click will help you find the right virtual assistant for you. They do the screening, managing, and payment processing. They also help you to evaluate your business, helping you decide what you should outsource to your virtual assistance and what you would prefer to do yourself. You save money and receive access to the best virtual assistants in the industry.About Team Double-Click, Inc.Launched in 2000, Team Double-Click, Inc. ( is the country’s foremost virtual staffing agency. Maximizing the experience of founder Gayle Buske, a staffing expert and with over – years of business experience, the company offers small businesses an economical, but productive alternative to on-site staffing.