Aircraft Auction – Auction with Altitude

Boise Idaho. announced a record breaking aircraft auction to be held at the Caldwell, Idaho Industrial Airport and live online. This auction will be broadcast live worldwide via the internet, allowing bidders to participate anywhere an internet connection is available. The auction is expected to include aircraft of all types. The individual consignors may either fly in to Idaho or have sell thier aircraft virtually via the internet or both. is also currently in negotiations to have this auction become part of a new host of television shows specific to the auction profession. A new network that is beginning first as an online venue and then expects to become a cable/satellite channel is considering this and other upcoming FlyBoysToys auctions for future shows. These shows will be similar to the auto auction shows on the Speed Channel.

The aircraft auction will take place on November 10, 2007 beginning at 10 AM.

FlyBoysToys President and Lead Auctioneer, Alan Armstrong stated, “There is a considerable amount of time and energy that goes into creating and conducting an auction of this magnitude. We are fortunate to be surrounded by highly motivated people that love being involved in these types of auctions. I am honored to be working with such a high calibre team of employees, partners, vendors and sponsors. The feedback we have had on this particular auction has been very encoraging. There is a good chance this auction will be the largest in my auction career and perhaps one of the largest ever held. We are looking forward to another successful auction event. We are pleased to be a part of a growing aviation and auction industry. There continues to be a strong demand for personal aircraft as well as corporate and pleasure aircraft.

We are looking forward to having this and other auctions as a part of new TV programming. This will give our consignors and sponsors a lot of value. It will also be more exciting for our bidders.”

For more information contact:

FlyBoysToys Auction Manager, Cory Gahley
Phone: 208-890-3085
Fax: 208-442-8241
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