eAuctionAlerts Launches Free eBay Auction Alerts iPhone Application

BURLINGTON, VT, October 09, 2007 — Today eAuctionAlerts.com, a http://www.eauctionalerts.com to help eBay bidders and watchers, is proudly launching its new iPhone application, at http://www.eauctionalerts.com/iphone to help iPhone users schedule reminders about eBay auctions and receive alerts by text message. eAuctionAlerts iPhone app was designed to be fast, lightweight, and offer a familiar iPhone-styled interface for its users.

Why use http://www.eauctionalerts.com/iphone/ to receive free bid reminders about upcoming eBay auctions ending soon? Because eBay’s paid service normally costs users 25 cents per auction, for mobile alerts to a users mobile phone. With eAuctionAlerts the alerts are completely free without any required registration or limitations. eAuctionAlerts is fast and easy to use, with everything done in one short form. eAuctionAlerts even allows users to customize how many alerts they would like to receive and soon before the end of an auction they would like to be alerted.

eAuctionAlerts and eAuctionAlerts iPhone application support all major wireless carriers in the United States and Canada and the company does not sell or share phone numbers entered into the site and or send any unwanted text messages to its users after the end of an auction.

eAuctionAlerts eBay auction alerts iPhone application can be found at [url]http://www.eauctionalerts.com/iphone/[url]

Stop losing auctions by using http://www.eAuctionAlerts.com.

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