Worlds Largest eBay Workshop Hosted by You Won The Bid, Ltd. Completely Sold Out

The world’s largest eBay workshop, spanning 3 days and encompassing over 300 attendees, has completely sold out. You Won The Bid, Ltd. has announced that its sold out eBay workshop in Surfers Paradise, Australia, will be hosted by “eBay Magicians,” Matt and Amanda Clarkson, two entrepreneurs who run one of Australia’s largest eBay businesses.

Matt and Amanda have been selling their “eBay Magic” program around the world for the past 8 months and they are now delivering this special course in the luxury Watermark Hotel at Surfers Paradise on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November.

“eBay is undoubtedly the largest retail Web site online with a base of customers reaching well over two hundred million,” said Amanda Clarkson. “More than 5 million eBay members spend a whopping $1 billion every week. The potential to make money on eBay is mind blowing.”

The advanced eBay workshop teaches proven internet marketing skills that entrepreneurs can use to create unstoppable income on eBay. The Clarkson’s will reveal their secret steps, strategies, tips, and tricks-of-the-trade to help eBay entrepreneurs avoid costly mistakes.

“We’re moving away from seminars towards intensive, one-on-one mentoring, which is our core strength,” Amanda Clarkson said. “Attendees get our proven tips and techniques to build a massive eBay business and all of our most jealously guarded secrets.”

While the Surfers Paradise eBay workshop is full, the Clarkson’s still have valuable information available on the You Won The Bid Web site ( Their DVDs, e-books, and online eBay resources and tools help entrepreneurs “become time and cash rich with eBay.