Home Business: CashBackAuctions.Com Announces End to Listing Fees and Final Value Fees

AuctionPublicity.com – New Jersey – CASHBACKAUCTIONS.com, the people’s auction site, announced today its rollout of a flat-rate Internet auction fee structure that does away with the dizzying array of listing fees and final value fees applied to items for sale by the today’s mainstream e-auction sites.

“Most sellers know the fee game only too painfully. You want it bolded – fee. You want it highlighted – fee. You want more pictures – fee, fee, fee. Oh, you sold it – big fee,” says Co-Founder and President Todd Dombrowski. “It’s out of control! We did something about it and now offer a sanctuary for the weary and tired fee-beaten sellers out there.”

Inspired by social networking sites, like MySpace and Facebook, the company combined the popular membership model that large warehouse retail outlets use to provide group purchasing discounts to their members, but reversed it for online group selling. Instead of savings being passed onto members, sellers retain 100% of their item’s final sales price.

CASHBACKAUCTIONS.com’s flat-rate membership program is simple. For a one-time set and account activation cost of just $19.99, sellers can list 1,000 items and stay in control of their pricing and margins. “We can’t make it any easier for sellers. All we ask in return is that they help us spread the word about CashBackAuctions.com and share the savings with their buyers,” adds Dombrowski.

To learn more about CASHBACKAUCTIONS.com and CLUBBIDS.net, contact Todd Dombrowski at 641.715.3900, Ext.3137646#. Press inquires should be directed to Sandra Rea at 949.291.2265 or via email at [email protected]

About CashBackAuctions.com – Via it’s patent pending “Reverse Final Fee” e-commerce model for online auctions, this company is the brainchild of Advanced IT Concepts’ founder Daniel Cardillo, a top developer of entrepreneurial home-based business systems. CashBackAuctions.com is structured to redirect final value sales fees back to members. For more information, visit www.join.cashbackauctions.com .