Rhonda Duffy does Charity Auctions Pro Bono for Atlanta

Rhonda Duffy, licensed auctioneer, radio personality and owner of Duffy Realty where she is the #1 agent in Georgia, has been doing charity auctions for AMCA, GE Money, Good Mews and will ring at Starry Night. Most charity auctioneers charge a 10% fee of the proceeds of the auction. Duffy does it as a contribution to good charities.

Not only does a professional team of auctioneers bring a certainty to the auction, the team usually raises far more money to the charity according to the National Association of Auctioneers. A professional team is trained to bring out more bids from bidders without causing contention with the crowd.
Professional ringmen add emotion to the crowd and are essential in keeping the crowd interested. You have seen the ringmen at car auctions, high end inventory auctions and should always be used at a charity auction. Unfortunately, many charities overlook this very important part of the auction just because they have not witnessed this power for themselves.

“A professional auction team of an auctioneer, ring men and clerks brings lots of action to the auction”, Duffy said. Bidding wars and lots of laughter are the speciality of the Duffy team of Duffy Auctions.

If your charity needs some laughs and needs to raise money, Rhonda Duffy is glad to help. Contact her at 678-366-7846 or email her at [email protected]