Launches Car Auction Program, the largest site for online police auctions, announced today the launch of a new program for cars, trucks, boats and other large capital assets. The program rounds out law enforcement auction services, which traditionally focused on smaller items such as jewelry, watches, laptops, tools and bicycles.

The new program includes Silver, Gold and Platinum service tiers, ranging from in-place auction to pick-up and haul-away.

All tiers include access to superior online auction technology and marketing support. Based on a pilot program completed over the summer, offered three service levels to meet the varying needs of its 1,100 agencies under contract.

Over the years I have spoken with many major city Chiefs about the burden of vehicle and large item auctions,? said Daryl Gates, former Chief of Police for Los Angeles. ?I took their complaints and suggestions to and they have built a car auction program that answers the needs of every law enforcement agency.?

The increased supply of vehicles from law enforcement will mean greater selection for consumers. Already, has auctioned a wide range of police cruisers, including Crown Victorias. Since Ford announced discontinuation of Crown Vic sales to consumers, aficionados will likely turn to online auctions for the prized Police Interceptor model.

? is the auction services leader for law enforcement, but until now, our car program was not user-friendly,? said Rob Hagen, CEO. ?With the launch of Silver, Gold and Platinum services, we can now cover 99% of law enforcement auction needs. And we do more than just cruisers.? The program also involves seized passenger cars and trucks, which recently included a 1998 Lexus, 1998 Mustang, a 1980 Corvette and 2000 Toyota Tacoma.


Founded by former police officers, conducts online auctions of seized, unclaimed and surplus goods from law enforcement departments and municipalities. With more than 1,100 agencies contracted nationwide, auctions run the gamut from laptops and tools to watches, jewelry, cars and boats. takes physical possession of merchandise, manages the auction website and then ships to winning bidders. This is all done in a fraud-free environment, with managing the payment process and distributing proceeds back to local communities. See for more information.