Auctions International Inc. Enters Into Alliance With NXGen Inc. for Joint Marketing of Bundled Services to Dealers

Auctions International Inc. (PINKSHEETS: AUCI), a technology company that owns and markets proprietary software that enables real time online auctions of virtually any commodity in the wholesale market, has entered into an industry alliance with NXGen Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of NXGen Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: NXGH). NXGen Inc. is an emerging data solutions provider that integrates GPS technology and asset location services for the public, corporate and government sectors.
Auctions International has teamed with NXGen to bundle NXGen’s subscription-based GPS vehicle tracking technology solution along with membership to Members of pay fees only upon successful completion of a transaction, avoiding the traditional layered costs for online listing and bidding. The NXGen Business Solution seamlessly converges wireless communications (GSM) and the Internet with global positioning (GPS/GPRS) technology, enabling end-to-end mobile asset and vehicle location and monitoring solutions. NXGen also combines real-time GPS positioning and wireless communications systems to deliver precise, time-critical mobile asset status and history information for increased security, greater loss control and fleet logistics services.
NXGen takes a leadership role in bringing Telematics (Vehicle Location Technology), once only found in luxury automobiles and large trucking fleets, to the broad consumer automotive markets. Telematics combines wireless voice and data services with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to provide specific location services like vehicle navigation, tracking, and emergency services.
Douglas Mann, president of Auctions International, Inc., said, “NXGen shares AutoBidLive’s goal to transform the wholesale automotive industry into a highly-efficient machine. Together, we are marketing a very compelling, affordable and personalized solution for vehicle tracking, vehicle history reporting and purchasing. We anticipate our joint marketing efforts can significantly broaden our respective customer bases to achieve critical mass in North America.”
Gene Hew-Len, CEO of NXGen, Inc., said, “This new alliance is in line with our newly refocused strategy. We believe that this positions us to expand our sales efforts and that by combining our products with AutoBidLive’s services, we offer customers a great value-added service.”
About NXGen, Inc.
NXGen Holdings, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary NXGen, Inc., is focused on providing solutions to commercial fleet operators, enhancing their productivity and operating efficiencies. NXGen specializes in the emerging, multi-billion-dollar GPS/telematics industry. NXGen’s mission is to become a recognized leader in this industry by aggressively investing in new acquisitions, building strategic alliances and securing strategic partnerships with companies on the cutting edge of the GPS and telematics development — thereby creating value for its shareholders. For more information, visit
About Auctions International Inc.
Through its wholly owned subsidiary AutoBidLive, Auctions International Inc. is set to bring together over 65,000 North American licensed pre-owned auto dealers into a dynamic online auction reducing their dependence on physical auctions. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, dealers can make bids in real time, move inventory, and search and buy vehicles specific to consumer’s needs. For more information, visit
In addition to online automobile auctions for the wholesale market, Auctions International Inc. has identified multiple commodity verticals, which could benefit from its leading-edge online auction technology platform. Additional information about Auctions International Inc. as well as corporate structure and stock capitalization can be viewed on the Company’s website at