Renhuang Pharmaceuticals Wins Olympic Year Prime Time Ad Space on CCTV

Renhuang Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (or “the Company”, Stock symbol: RHGP.OB) has bought prime time advertising slots in Central Chinese Television’s (CCTV) 2008 “Gold Ad” auction, following two of the national television network’s most heavily watched programs. The 7.5 second and 15 second air times follow CCTV’s evening news and the newsmagazine show, “Topics in Focus.”, both of which are top-rated television programs in China. Both ad slots will feature Renhuang’s Ginseng and Deer Ointment product. The Company expects sales of this product to grow significantly as a result of advertising on CCTV prime time spots in the Olympic year.

“We are extremely pleased to have won the bid and look forward to promoting Renhuang products next to two of CCTV’s most popular programs,” said Jingwang Lou, general manager of sales and marketing for Renhuang Pharmaceuticals. “The exposure will build brand awareness for our products throughout China, and increase our visibility on the global basis.”

Mr. Lou said securing prime time media space was a strategic move on Renhuang’s part. “We see this as a great opportunity for Renhuang. Investing in sales and marketing is an important part of our growth strategy. We expect prime time advertising during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will give us international as well as domestic exposure.”

TV is the most effective media for advertisement in China. CCTV has China’s highest viewer ratings and is also broadcast internationally through sharing with other networks. In recent years, CCTV’s Gold Ad auctions for prime time advertising space have become increasingly competitive as more and more businesses select CCTV as their first media choice to promote their products. “This is the first time Renhuang has participated in the bidding process, and winning these two coveted advertising spots is a real coup,” noted Mr. Lou.

One of Renhuang’s Gold Ad spots is slated to follow the CCTV News immediately preceding the network weather forecast. “This spot has huge viewer ratings and gives us tremendous visibility and prestige,” Mr. Lou said. “This is possibly the single best time slot on Chinese TV in terms of audience reach and marketing effectiveness.”

The second gold time slot will follow the program “Topics in Focus,” an influential newsmagazine with a wide viewer following. Additionally, with special programming coverage during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the “Topics in Focus” media space may provide even greater audience penetration.

About Renhuang Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Renhuang Pharmaceuticals, located in the city of Harbin in China’s Heilongjiang Province, is a leading integrated developer, manufacturer and distributor of a broad array of high-quality nutraceutical, natural medicinal and bio-pharmaceutical products. The Company’s three major product lines are Acanthopanax-based natural medicinal products, Shark Power Health Care series and Traditional Chinese Medicines. Renhuang’s key product line is Acanthopanax-based products, a natural medicine for treating depression and melancholy and offering various other health benefits. Renhuang controls an estimated 70% of China’s natural resource of Acanthopanax (also known as Siberian Ginseng), giving it a dominant position in the market for Acanthopanax-based natural medicines.

Renhuang distributes its products through a multi-level sales network with over 2000 sales agents. Its products are sold domestically and exported to Russia and Southeast Asia. The Company has established a multi-channel research and development infrastructure consisting of in-house researchers, a post-doctoral working center, and collaboration with well known institutions and scientists. In manufacturing, the Company strictly follows the international GMP certified quality standards and systems using cutting-edge technology, state of the art equipment, and proprietary innovative and award winning processes. To learn more about Renhuang Pharmaceuticals, visit