Land in Vermilion County Sold by Westchester Auctions for $3.47 Million

Over 200 people were in attendance Friday afternoon, December 7, 2007, for an auction of 830 acres of farmland and recreational property located near Collison, Illinois. The land, divided into 10 tracts ranging from 28 to 160 acres each, drew the attention of 57 bidders, including farmland buyers as well as investors and recreational buyers.

The 10 tracts were Bid on individually and in combination depending on the individual bidder’s interests. The close of bidding saw three successful bidders spend $3,437,200 or over $4,100.00 per acre.

According to Patrick Trainor, vice president of Westchester Auctions, “This auction was successful for both the sellers and buyers, because our objective is to always provide superior marketing services to obtain the maximum value for the property. Our multi-parcel auction system creates an exciting event and gives all bidders an equal chance to secure the tract or tracts that they are interested in buying.”

Westchester Auctions is the leading agricultural real estate marketing company in the United States. Utilizing their marketing expertise and multi-parcel auction system, Westchester Auctions allows bidders to compete continuously throughout the auctions.

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