Heritage Signature Auction at Inaugural Houston Money Show of the Southwest Pushes Past $5 Million

Dallas, TX: Heritage Auction Galleries’ inaugural Signature Auction at the Money Show of the Southwest took place in Houston, November 29-30, 2007. Prices realized at the final hammer were $4.8 million, and will push well past $5.5 million after Post Auction Buys and Final Session results are included. Descriptions and images of all lots are currently posted at www.HA.com in the Permanent Auction Archives. Nearly 4,000 lots in the combined Signature and Final Session catalogs were offered.

According to Heritage President Greg Rohan, “Our year-end events continue to be very successful, and our two November Signature Auctions – Dallas and Houston – together realized more than $13 million. Registry coins continue to be extremely popular and the market continues to reward freshness and originality – and if you can add rarity, the triumvirate becomes irresistible.”

November 2007 Houston U.S. Coin Highlights:

Lot 60109: 1902 Indian Cent, PR68 Red PCGSPCGS has awarded a PR68 grade to just nine Indian cents across all dates; this is one of only two pieces certified by PCGS as PR68 Red.Realized: $21,850

Lot 60265: 1938-D Buffalo Nickel, MS68 PCGSThe 1938-D is popular with type collectors, and such practically flawless pieces are especially desirable; none certified finer.Realized: $21,850

Lot 60284: 1831 Half Dime, PR67 NGC, V-1, LM-6, R.8Proofs are known for all 1831 denominations coined, and the half dime is the second-rarest proof denomination; this may be the sole surviving proof LM-6 and is the single finest certified example.From The Fleur Wales-Baillie Collection, benefiting the Khumbula Thina Trust.Realized: $86,250

Lot 60305: 1831 Dime PR65 NGC, JR-2, R.7This is a magnificent proof type coin with full definition on the portrait and eagle; one of a handful of survivors.From The Fleur Wales-Baillie Collection, benefiting the Khumbula Thina Trust.Realized: $32,200

Lot 60476: 1931-S Dime, MS67 Full Bands PCGSDecisively struck, shining, and carefully preserved, one of just six certified by PCGS as MS67 Full Bands, with none finer.Realized: $20,700

Lot 60498: 1875-S Twenty Cents, MS67 NGC. MPD-002The 1875-S is the type coin of choice for this short-lived denomination, and this Superb Gem is one of the finest known representatives (only two certified finer).Realized: $15,525

Lot 60503: 1796 Quarter, VF20 NGC. High 6, B-2, R.3This was the only year for the production of the Small Eagle reverse type.From The Nick-A-Jack Collection.Realized: $28,750

Lot 60710: 1897 Half Dollar, PR68 Cameo NGCFew of the 731 proof half dollars minted in 1897 have survived this pristine condition; this is a remarkable Superb Gem.From The Nick-A-Jack Collection.Realized: $10,350

Lot 60820: 1932-D Quarter, MS65 PCGSAn original and attractive 1932-D Gem quarter, the undisputed key to the Washington quarter series. Only one certified finer.From The Michael Fuller Collection.Realized: $13,225

Lot 60916: 1976-S Silver Quarter, MS69 PCGSEven under magnification, the exquisite preservation of this modern silver clad piece is highly impressive.From The Michael Fuller Collection.Realized: $5,888

Lot 60987: 1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollar, MS68 NGCThe 1916 half dollar, with a 608,000-piece mintage, was saved in relatively large numbers, but this remains the finest known.Realized: $16,100

Lot 61115: 1884-S Morgan Dollar, MS63 NGCThe 1884-S is one of the great condition rarities in the Morgan dollar series, available only occasionally in the lowest Mint State levels; above MS62, it is a prime rarity.Ex: Richmond Collection, Part IIRealized: $26,450

Lot 61219: 1897-O Morgan Dollar, MS66 NGCAn amazing condition rarity with a high mintage of poorly struck examples; premium pieces are incredibly scarce, with only one certified finer.Realized: $43,125

Lot 61250: 1896 Morgan Dollar, PR66 Deep Cameo PCGSOnly three examples have been certified finer of this exquisite 19th century proof.Realized: $20,700

Lot 61253: 1899 Morgan Dollar, PR68 Cameo NGCThe 1899 proof dollars have a wider appeal than certain other dates, due to the scarcity of related business strikes.Realized: $29,900

Lot 61388: 1904 Lewis and Clark Gold Dollar MS67 NGCThe 1904 Lewis and Clark dollars are inextricably linked to their 1903 counterparts; this Superb Gem is an uncommonly fine survivor of this early commemorative issue.Realized: $29,900

Lot 61401: 1915-S Panama-Pacific $50 Round, MS64 NGCThe ambitious commemorative coin program spearheaded by Farran Zerbe was out of reach for all but the wealthiest patrons of the Exposition.From The Fleur Wales-Baillie Collection, benefiting the Khumbula Thina Trust.Realized: $94,875

Lot 61493: 1855 Gold $1, MS67 PCGSThe 1855 Type Two Gold Dollar is eagerly pursued by type and date collectors, and a Superb Gem is incredibly rare; NGC has graded just five coins in MS67 and PCGS just four, with none finer at either service (10/07).From The Pearl E. Pemberton Collection.Realized: $97,750

Lot 61544: 1855-C $2.50, MS62 NGCA single die variety is known (16-I) of this, the second lowest mintage (3,677 pieces) of any Charlotte Mint quarter eagle. NGC and PCGS have certified only 17 examples in Uncirculated grades, some of which likely represent resubmissions.Realized: $25,300

Lot 61694: 1795 $10 13 Leaves, Breen-6830, Taraszka-4, BD-4, R.5, Unc. DetailsThe BD-4 is the rarest 13 leaf 1795 variety, but easily identified with obvious diagnostics.Realized: $37,375

Lot 61880: 1892 $20, MS61 PCGSThe 1892 $20 is an important rarity in the Type Three Liberty series, from a mintage of just 4,430 business strikes. Only 12 certified finer than this reflective beauty (10/07).Realized: $19,550

Lot 61951: 1907 High Relief, Wire Rim $20, MS63 NGCA remarkable piece with soft, frosty yellow luster and sharp design features.Realized: $25,300

Lot 62018: 1931 $20 MS66 PCGSThe 1931 Philadelphia Mint double eagle is one of the key issues in the Saint-Gaudens series, and this is a spectacular condition rarity as well.Realized: $126,500

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