Wensy, Free Online Auction Site

On June 3rd, 2007, Wensy auction site hit the internet.

Since such time, the site has managed to bring in over 1200 members selling over 2400 items for over $60,000.00 in net sales. These numbers are impressive for established auction sites, but to do this in only 6 months is quite astonishing.

Because the site is free, members are able to sell items at a fair price. Buyers are also brought to the site due to these low prices.

Sellers are able to build a free store and can send invoices through an automated system. They can track payments and shipping through their online auction area. Listing items is easy and the site has a bulk relistings.

Buyers are able to ask question prior to bidding on items through an advanced online e-mail system. They are able to keep track of their bids through their own auction area. They are also able to see when an item was shipped.

There is no wonder why Wensy’s growth has been astonishing. Wensy offers buyer and sellers everthing they need to complete a sale. Best of all, they do it for free.

You need to visit the site to enjoy all the advanced features. See why everyone is joining Wensy.