Yellow Apricot Online Property Auctioneers


Yellow Apricot is the only wholly online Property Auctioneer in the UK . Traditional property auctions occur in posh hotels or halls and you have to travel to the Auction Venue on the advertised date in order to manually bid on the property that you are interested in.

Using Yellow Apricot as your Auctioneer, you can buy or sell a property from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere in the world whilst remaining totally anonymous to those around you and without having to attend an Auction Venue. You can effectively buy a property whilst in bed, whilst you are at work (with the boss’s permission) or anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet! You no longer need to plan around the Auction. You can be on holiday in the Canaries and still be bidding on the lot that you are interested in. You can keep abreast of developments in the property market and respond to them wherever you are.

All you need to buy or sell a property through Yellow Apricot is a computer with broadband access (2MB or higher is preferred) and with no hassle, no posh hotels and no sales talk, you can end up saving a small fortune whilst still selling or buying a property!

You are in control all the time, so we do for you what you want us to do. With no sales talk, no gimmics and complete transparency with our fees and commissions, we do not pressurise you into doing anything that you feel uncomfortable with. In fact it is you who decides what you do and when. Furthermore, it is easy to register and we do not even have to meet you. Everything can be done over the internet and through the post!

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