Horses Impounded by Garfield County To be sold to the Highest Bidder

Saturday – January 19 – 1:00 PM – Garfield County Fair Grounds, Rifle, Colorado

12_small.jpgAll the horses come from one New Castle case with multiple counts of cruelty to animals charges, said Tanny McGinnis, community relations deputy for the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s deputies initially took five of the horses in January of last year because the animals were in critical need of help, she said.

The sheriff’s office gave the owner, Richard Cordova, 71 at the time, a summons and offered to help him care for the animals. Six months earlier the sheriff’s office had offered to assist him and keep the animals healthy, but the owner declined the offer, McGinnis said.

After taking the five horses in January, the sheriff’s office monitored the status of the other horses and stepped in again, taking the other 25 horses in April, McGinnis said.

Two of the horses died, while the others have been wards of the county.

Cordova, who is in his 70s, pleaded guilty Nov. 7 to three counts of animal cruelty and was fined $2,112.64, according to court records.

The county hopes the auction can help it recoup some of the $15,000 it has spent for the animals’ care and feed, McGinnis said.

Preview : Saturday 19th – 8 am till Auction – In The indoor Arena

List of Horses to be sold
1 – Sorrel filly a partial blaze on her face
2 – Dark sorrel mare
3 – Bay colt with star on his head
4 – Bay colt with right hind sock
5 – Bay colt with right front sock
6 – Sorrel colt with a small white blaze on his face
7 – Bay colt
8 – Bay colt
9 – Bay mare with a right rear sock
10 – Bay mare with a right rear and right front sock
11 – Sorrel and white Paint mare
12 – Sorrel mare with white blaze on her face and front and rear socks
13 – Sorrel mare with white blaze on her face
14 – Gray mare
15 – Dark bay colt with a star on his face
16 – Bay mare with left rear sock
17 – Bay mare with white star on her face
18 – Bay colt
19 – Sorrel gelding with both right legs having socks and left front sock
20 – Sorrel colt with right front and rear socks
21 – Bay stud
22 – Dark Bay stud
23 – Sorrel Filly with white hair on her back, white blaze on her face
24 – Sorrel filly with a white star on her face
25 – Bay filly with a left hind and a white star on her face
26 – Bay filly
27 – Bay filly
28 – Sorrel filly with left hind sock and a white blaze on her face

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Ralph Fritzlan Auctioneer
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Telephone 970-283-5416