IveGotBeats.com Crafts Online Music Auction

From Wall Street to Watts, the digital curve is revolutionizing the landscape of the music industry. In a climate of slumping compact disc sales and rising digital sales, one web site is poised to lead the digital renaissance.

The Beat XChange has positioned itself to alleviate the traditional record label A&R process by directly connecting the artist and the producer. This cutting edge web site is making it simple for artists and producers all over the world to collaborate with each other right from the comfort of their own computer.

The Beat XChange is the premier online beat auction allowing producers to place their original beats/tracks/compositions online for artists to hear and place bids on. Much in the same fashion as e-bay, the auction floor is opened for artists to place bids until an offer is accepted by the producer.

Gerald Olivari, said “Recognizing the impact that technology such as pro tools and social music networking websites have had on the industry, we decided that it was the perfect time to introduce this service.”

The Beat XChange is the world’s best online beat auction. Begin collaborating now!