World Energy Conducts North America’s First Online Auction for Carbon Emissions Compliance

World Energy Solutions, Inc. , the operator of leading online exchanges for energy and environmental commodities, today announced the company completed a landmark online auction event. Using the World Green Exchange, Verdant Energy, a leading Canadian power supplier, auctioned off Carbon Offsets (commonly referred to as green credits) under the recently established Alberta Offset System.

By leveraging the World Energy platform and working with Baseline Emissions Management, Verdant was able to sell its green credits to an online community of buyers. Verdant had previous indications that the value for its credits would be less than its desired benchmark price, and were very satisfied with the outcome of the quick and profitable auction.

News Highlights: – As one of the largest regulated greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) markets in North America, Alberta is requiring large emitters to reduce emissions by 12% before March 31, 2008 or face financial penalties. – To facilitate compliance, emitters have the option to pay into Alberta’s climate change Technology Fund for $15 per Tonne. – World Energy conducted six separate auction tranches, culminating in more than 80 bids. – Three of the eight bidders were awarded a total of 80,000 Tonnes, resulting in a significant savings over what they would have had to pay into the Technology Fund.

Verdant Energy’s credits resulted from their DAPP Offset project, an emission reduction initiative that produces electricity by burning biomass. Ordinarily, biomass is sent to landfill and emits methane through anaerobic decomposition. By diverting this waste to a biomass plant, methane emissions are replaced by carbon dioxide, an emission 21 times less potent than methane. Verdant will be in a position to offer additional credits in the coming months.

Commentary & Quotes:

Hal Hamilton, Founder, Verdant Energy (Credit Seller)

“This auction far exceeded our expectations. Initially we were skeptical as to whether an auction would work, since the market for carbon offsets and emissions reductions transactions is still emerging. World Energy certainly delivered. They gave us a real time view into pricing, vetted the bidders, set up the transaction and ultimately delivered significant revenue to our bottom line.”

Jeff MacLean, Director, Coal Supply, Maxim Power Corporation (Winning


“Maxim is in the business of acquiring or developing innovative and environmentally responsible power projects, and much of our past success has been a result of seeing opportunities where others didn’t. In this case, we saw an opportunity to offset environmental impacts and to improve our bottom line, and this auction enabled us to successfully achieve both objectives.”

Dave LaBarre, President, Baseline Emissions Management

“Emissions reduction is a very topical issue in Canada right now, and an auction like this demonstrates how project owners with the ability to reduce emissions can help the environment through market-driven forces. Ultimately, they save money and, in this case, spur development in renewable energy, thus it’s a win-win for both sides.”

Phil Adams, President and COO, World Energy

“We’re extremely pleased with the results of this event. Our market expertise, combined with the proven technology of our World Green Exchange platform, provided a transparent and liquid transaction that benefited both Verdant and the winning bidders. With our history of success in green power procurements and pioneering events in the VER and REC markets, this Alberta win reinforces our position as an emerging leader in the environmental markets.”

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