Fontaine’s Auction Gallery To Join WorthPoint

Reston, VA – WorthPoint Corporation, the premier website for art, antiques, and collectibles, today announced that Fontaine’s Auction Gallery has selected WorthPoint as a data publishing partner. Under the new agreement, Fontaines’s will provide WorthPoint with upcoming and historical auction data to be published on the WorthPoint web site. With information provided by Fontaine’s, WorthPoint is now able to provide more comprehensive data than ever.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Fontaine’s.” said Will Seippel, CEO and Chairman of WorthPoint. “With this new relationship, we add the sales of impressive pieces of 19th century furnishings to our database, from an Auction Gallery notable for meeting the value its pieces deserve. In point of fact, Fontaine’s is known for often surpassing all expectations at auction. WorthPoint is proud to add Fontaine’s records to its data collection.”

About WorthPoint
WorthPoint is a collector’s social network and search engine rolled into one. The website is changing the process of assessing worth for collectibles by providing a vast database of sales records and by connecting individual connectors to experts within an online community. Through the WorthPoint community, members can connect with other collectors interested in buying, selling, or swapping stories and share their insight and knowledge through the forums and wikis.

About Fontaine’s
Fontaine’s Auction Gallery is a national leader in the antiques business. Voted “Best in the Berkshires” two years in a row, Fontaine’s stays true to it’s “blue ribbon” reputation. After 35 years in the business of antiques, Fontaine’s is known for its professional appraisals and exceptional customer service.