Auctionblip Adds 60th Partner to Extensive Auction Network

NEW YORK, – Auctionblip, an international network delivering personalized auction information on a limitless variety of collectibles, today announced that it has added its 60th partner to its network of auction houses. This announcement gives collectors exclusive access to all collectibles available at many of the top auction houses, no matter what type of item they are searching for.

By working with auction houses across the world, Auctionblip provides an easy-to-use online resource for collectors. The service automatically alerts its users by email when their selected items become available at auction. After paying a monthly fee of $5.99, a user simply registers his/her email address at the Web site, enters their top ten “must have” wish list of collectibles of all type, and receives detailed notification from the Auctionblip team once the items are found. This informative email includes the name of the auction house with the auction date, lot number, pictures and description of the item, and the link to the auction Web site.

“Auctionblip is able to provide our users with information from an extensive network of auction catalogs in a timely and stress-free fashion, so collectors can find exactly what they’re looking for with minimal effort,” said David Epstein, CEO of Auctionblip and lifelong collector. “With the addition of the 60th auction partner to our network, we look forward to continuing to serve collectors throughout the world.”

Through Auctionblip, collectors of every kind have access to information from the top auction houses offering a variety of items within each collectible industry, from art to antiques to automobiles and sports memorabilia. Partners in the Auctionblip network include Mastro Auctions, GoAntiques, Heritage Auction Galleries, and Stack’s, which joined as the 60th official partner in the network.

“By joining Auctionblip’s network of participating auction houses, our goal is to provide collectors with an informational online tool that will save time and effort in looking for items at our auctions,” said Christine Karstedt, president of Stack’s. “By providing them with access to our catalogs in advance, Auctionblip users will know ahead of time when their desired numismatic item is available at auction.”

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About Auctionblip

Auctionblip is an international auction network delivering personalized auction information on a limitless variety of collectibles from elite auction houses to collectors. By signing up with Auctionblip, collectors are given a complete resource that greatly increases their odds of finding a specific item. Auctionblip technology operates with one of the most comprehensive online databases available, containing catalogues from auction houses across the world. For more information and to access the Auctionblip network, please visit: