HammerTap Launches New eBay Research Analysis Reports

OREM, Utah – HammerTap.com, the leading eBay research provider, releases the latest software version of HammerTap3, which includes three new analysis reports that make eBay research even easier for sellers.

“In the past it has been difficult to understand how to apply eBay research to your listings,” says Brian Clark, HammerTap’s CTO. “Starting with this release, we are simplifying research in a major way as HammerTap revolutionizes how sellers use eBay research and analysis.”

The new release features three new reports, making it easier for sellers to answer vital questions about their listings. Sellers can more clearly select the best category, best end day and best listing enhancements to increase their selling success rate and maximize profitability on every listing.

The Category Report allows sellers to easily discover which category yields the highest price and sell-through rate.

While HammerTap has always analyzed the best ending day, the new End Day Report breaks each day of the week up individually, and then indicates whether each day increases or decreases sales price and percentage sold and by how much.

The new Enhancements Analysis help sellers identify which listing upgrades positively affect their listings. With this information, sellers can clearly identify which enhancements pay for themselves, and which ones they can eliminate to decrease eBay fees.

“Our focus is to make research easier to understand and easier to use to answer the tough questions affecting a seller’s bottom line,” says Clark. “We will soon be releasing numerous new reports that will directly answer even more real-world questions that eBay sellers face.”

Sellers can access these reports with a free 10-day trial of the HammerTap software, available at http://www.hammertap.com/?cid=pr012.