Auctions International Inc. Enters Into Alliance With Boost Motor Group for Joint Marketing of Dealer Inventory

KELOWNA, BC – Auctions International Inc., a technology company that owns and markets proprietary software that enables real time online auctions of virtually any commodity in the wholesale market, announced today that it has entered into an industry alliance with Boost Motor Group Inc. of Toronto, Canada ( to provide car dealers access to another segment of the automotive sales market.
Auctions International has teamed with Boost Motor Group Inc. to bundle Car and Truck inventories from Boost’s dealers with AutoBidLive’s ( dealer-to-dealer trading platform.
Greg Connor, President & CEO of the Boost Motor Group Inc., said, “With this new alliance, we are pleased to expand our sales program by offering our customers another venue to provide market exposure for their vehicles. We will be able to provide AutoBidLive a daily load of our dealers’ current inventory, which represents over 400 dealers and 20,000 vehicles. AutoBidLive’s unique auction platform allows dealers to expose all inventories at virtually no risk and minimal effort — the seller ultimately decides how and when to transact.
“We look forward to providing our clients with dramatically increased exposure, producing greater productivity as a result of this strategic relationship. Each of our companies will complement the other through joint marketing of our relationship throughout the Canadian Dealer Network.”
Douglas Mann, President of Auctions International, Inc., said, “This relationship with the Boost Motor Group is a win situation for everyone, especially the car dealer that needs to build market exposure at a time when vehicle sales are in need of a ‘boost.’ This is a milestone for AutoBidLive because we will build the critical mass of dealers and vehicles at no cost to the dealer. Additionally, we’ll build a massive inventory of Canadian vehicles to facilitate trades between dealers on a regional basis. This will be a transparent implementation from the dealer perspective and as long as the selling dealer obtains his price, it really doesn’t matter where the car is sold. When a trade is completed, the buyer and seller pay a $100 fee.”
About Boost Motor Group Inc.
Boost Motor Group is a media services and automotive solutions company, recognized as experts in helping automotive dealers merchandise their used vehicle inventory. Boost enables dealerships to merchandise their vehicles on their own website, their manufacturer’s website and their media properties of choice (classifieds, search engines, etc). Boost handles every aspect of a dealership’s vehicle merchandising, right from taking the pictures to capturing every detail about the vehicle. For each vehicle, Boost employees create a Virtual Tour, which consists of up to 35 photographs, visually inspecting the vehicle for detailed features (beyond VIN explosion data), and documenting warranty and condition report information. Boost also provides sophisticated inventory management, media management and quantitative measurement of a dealer’s ad spending.
Boost Motor Group currently services over 400 dealers across Canada. Operations are corporate owned and its proprietary software has been developed in-house. More detail on Boost’s services can be found at
About Auctions International Inc.
Through its wholly owned subsidiary AutoBidLive, Auctions International Inc. is set to bring together over 65,000 North American licensed pre-owned auto dealers into a dynamic online auction reducing their dependence on physical auctions. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, dealers can make bids in real time, move inventory, and search and buy vehicles specific to consumer’s needs. For more information, visit
In addition to online automobile auctions for the wholesale market, Auctions International Inc. has identified multiple commodity verticals, which could benefit from its leading-edge online auction technology platform. Additional information about Auctions International Inc. as well as corporate structure and stock capitalization can be viewed on the Company’s website at or
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