Rob Hubbard to Join Bonhams Motoring Team

The Directors of Bonhams are delighted to announce the appointment of Rob Hubbard as Motor Car Specialist for its UK sales. The 24-year-old, ex-Assistant Competition Secretary for the Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC), will join Bonhams later this month.

A well-known figure in the motoring world, Rob has spent the last four years in event management, organising 35 annual events for the VSCC, including six race meetings, seven hill climbs plus various trials, rallies and tests.

His enthusiasm for vintage cars and the sport extends beyond his career. He has owned 24 cars, including a Morris Minor, Marcos 3 Litre, a 1934 Riley Special and, until recently, a 1930 Austin 7 and is a regular rally, hill climb and race competitor. His 1924 Vauxhall 30-98 is still awaiting much fettling, but Rob hopes this will be completed some time this century!

Bonhams Director of UK Motoring Sales, Tim Schofield, says: “We are delighted that Rob has joined the motoring department. Having been immersed in the VSCC for the last four years he comes with a wealth of experience and will significantly strengthen our team.”