Private Collection of 550 First Edition Harry Potter Books in 67 Languages for Sale at Bloomsbury Auctions

An extraordinary collection of 550 first edition and scarce, uncorrected proof copies of the entire gamut of Harry Potter books by JK Rowling in 67 different languages, is the highlight of Bloomsbury Auctions‘ forthcoming Children’s & Illustrated Books, Original Artwork, Private Press and Limited Editions two day sale on 28th and 29th February.

The Property of a Gentleman, as this unique collection is referred to, is undoubtedly the largest and most comprehensive group of Potter books ever to be sold at auction. It was put together by an Englishman who became ‘hooked’ on the adventures of the boy wizard and his friends. These first editions range from Finnish, Gaelic, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Welsh and 6 different Indian dialects to Hebrew, Turkish, Polish, Indonesian, Japanese and even ancient Greek and Latin as well as Braille (lots 238-260). A 1997 first edition Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (one of 500 copies) is expected to make £4000-6000. Bloomsbury Auctions holds the world record price for a signed Philosopher’s Stone which fetched a resounding £27,370 in May last year.

A privately owned group of 20th century classic children’s book illustrations from the Dean & Son archive of original artwork, is also fresh to the market. It includes charming watercolour drawings by Mabel Lucie Atwell and Enid Blyton, and around 80 lots of brilliantly coloured gouache, ink and watercolour designs for Walt Disney (lots 339-428). Estimates for the original artwork from this collection, range from £100-800 and most lots have several designs.