HammerTap Launches New Listing Title Builder for eBay Sellers

OREM, Utah – HammerTap.com, the leading eBay research provider, releases the latest listing title builder for eBay sellers with the latest release of HammerTap3.

“Understanding which keywords to include in your listing title can make a listing much more profitable,” says Brian Clark, HammerTap’s CTO. “This new title builder helps any seller create more successful and more profitable listing titles much more quickly and easily.”

The new title builder analyzes individual keywords used in listing titles, and displays how many listings are using that keyword. In addition, sellers can see how each keyword affects their ending price and chances of selling. The title builder makes it easy for sellers to select keywords that increase their ending price, their chances of selling, or a combination of both.

A free trial of HammerTap and the new title builder is available at http://www.hammertap.com/freetrial/?cid=pr016.

In addition to the new title builder, this new version of HammerTap also includes a new thumbnail search preview. Users can now get a thumbnail view, including pictures, of the product they are about to research. This allows sellers to more easily narrow their search to obtain more accurate results.

“Our focus is to make research easier to understand and easier to use research to answer the tough questions affecting a seller’s bottom line,” says Clark. “We will soon be releasing numerous new reports that will directly answer even more real-world questions that eBay sellers face.”

Sellers can access these reports with a free 10-day trial of the HammerTap software, available at http://www.hammertap.com/freetrial/?cid=pr016.

About HammerTap, LLC
HammerTap is the original online research solution available on eBay, reaching out to sellers with answers about how to get the most out of their listings. HammerTap continues to offer sellers and buyers the most in-depth market research tools, dedicated support, and leading education. HammerTap solutions help sellers power-up their listings to increase sales and maximize profits, as well as help buyers make educated shopping decisions.

For more information, visit http://www.hammertap.com/?cid=pr016