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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

New Electronic Components Auction and Marketplace Re-Designed For International Manufacturers

BOSTON, MA – ForeignTRADEX, formerly known as Foreign Trade Exchange, a division of Donald LaBelle Associates and member of the Industrial Leaders group, has launched in partnership with IndustrialSAVER an international electronic components auction and marketplace at

According to John Smolinski a company spokesperson, the site now includes offers for a broad variety of electronic components such as processors, capacitors, ICs, electronic assemblies, printed circuit boards (PCBs), thyristors, chokes, semiconductors, resistors, diodes, terminals and blocks, thermocouples, inductors, encoders, circuits, oscillators, multiplexers, electronic chips, filters, enclosures, modules, multiplexers, modulators and associated products.

Mr. Smolinski said all kinds of electronic components can also be found on the company’s industrial classified site at which enables users to post and explore offers to buy and sell a wide variety of electronic parts and accessories. Recent offerings include electronic filters, integrated circuits, multipliers, enclosures, transducers, thermistors, electronic shielding and extenders.

“Whether your company needs standard electronic components or hard-to-find ones such as obsolete semiconductors or custom made modules, you’ll find a wide range of products to select from in our auction and marketplace,” says Mark Hamilton, Business Director of ForeignTRADEX. He added, “We host a number of electronic components auctions serving markets such as the United States, which is our most active, followed by Canada, UK, Australia, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.”

According to Hamilton, who sits on the company’s Board of Directors, a primary mission of ForeignTRADEX is to facilitate trade among international buyers and suppliers of industrial goods by utilizing various on-line resources such as its global import and export directory at “Industrial importers and exporters worldwide use our international trade directory to find business opportunities in local, national and overseas markets,” says Hamilton.

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ForeignTRADEX is an industrial trade directory connecting manufacturers, distributors, exporters, importers and end-users of industrial products with emphasis on the UK and EU markets as well as Australia and New Zealand. Industrial suppliers are welcome to include their company free-of-charge at,