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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

US Customers Benefit from Online Auction Platform for Handyman Services

HONOLULU, HI – Undertool, a Germany based company, launched its online auction platform for handyman services in the US market last week. Similar to established bidding platforms such as eBay, Undertool lets customers create a project description of what needs to be done including a time frame, location and scope of the work involved. Contractors then bid on the project in a standard online auction environment. Once the auction period ends, the customer chooses among the bidding parties and establishes contact with the preferred contractor. Rather than manually searching the company listings and wasting time explaining their project to dozens of contractors, customers using this platform get their handiwork done quickly and with minimal effort. Undertool also provides a contractor rating system, enabling customers to provide feedback and giving new customers a basis for comparing contractors. The entire process is free until an actual agreement between customer and contractor is reached, at which point Undertool charges a nominal fee.

“We’re already experiencing a significant change in how contractors are being hired in Germany,” said Jürgen Bauer, spokesman for Undertool Germany. “Not only does our platform give customers access to a much wider network of handyman contractors, it places customers at the heart of the system: contractors send you their bids, and you pick and choose who to go with. Customers tell us it’s very liberating.”

Undertool was founded in 2003 and has facilitated the successful completion of over a 100,000 projects.

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