Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Auctionblip Re-Launches Web Site

NEW YORK – Auctionblip, an international auction network delivering personalized auction information on a limitless variety of collectibles, today announced the re-launch of its unique and comprehensive online resource helping collectors maximize their search for specific items to add to their collections. The new Auctionblip will be completely free to the public and will feature an improved look and feel for its users.

This is the first in a series of announcements expected from Auctionblip as the international online resource continues an extensive re-design that will make it easier for collectors to find their desired item quickly and interact with other collectors. Auctionblip’s new interactive forum, “Collector’s Click,” is a place where collectors will be able to chat via message boards to share tips, advice and images of their collections with other interested parties.

“We’ve created a free search engine specifically designed to alleviate the tedious process of paging through massive auction catalogues and greatly improve a collector’s ability to find their desired items at auction,” said David Epstein, CEO of Auctionblip. “As a collector you understand that time is of the essence and you can’t afford to not take advantage of this additional resource when searching for that special piece of your collection.”

The service is completely free and once a user registers his/her email address online and enters their top ten “must have” wish list of collectibles, they receive a detailed notification from the Auctionblip team once the items become available at auction. This informative email includes the name of the auction house with the auction date, pictures and description of the item, and the link to the auction Web site.

Auctionblip is an all-encompassing resource benefitting each player in the auction process. The service is focused primarily on the collectors themselves, but also provides auction houses with a platform to increase brand awareness. With the expanding auction market and the extensive number of collectors across the world, Auctionblip not only provides a way to find items at auction but also a resource to unite common interests while building an international community.

“As a collector, I’ve learned that it’s important to build relationships with others who share the same passion, and with Auctionblip’s new ‘Collector’s Click’ forum, we’re allowing our users to interact with each other and make important contacts,” said Epstein. “Auctionblip is designed to ensure that collectors have the best information available with the least amount of effort. We’re dedicated to making our online resource the best in the collectibles industry and a must-have for any true collector.”

This announcement follows steady progress within Auctionblip since its launch in October of 2007. Over the past eight months, the company has secured partnerships with more than 70 leading auction houses, and recently announced the signings of international partners such as Wallis and Wallis (UK), Wikman’s Fine Wine Auction (Australia) and Hermann Historica (Germany).

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Auctionblip is a free international auction network delivering personalized auction information on a limitless variety of collectibles from elite auction houses to collectors and dealers. By signing up with Auctionblip, collectors are given a complete resource that greatly increases their odds of finding a specific item. Auctionblip technology operates with one of the most comprehensive online databases available, containing catalogues from auction houses across the world. For more information and to access the Auctionblip network, please visit:

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