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The Collection of the Foundation Kunst und Recht: Special Auction

On 29 November, Ketterer Kunst is opening its new Munich headquarters comprising some 3500 square meters and featuring more than 1000 square meters exhibition space. Guests will have their first opportunity to tour the new House for Art on that occasion, which, under the aegis of the opening auctions of 3/4 December (see press release of 14 October 08), also includes an invitation to the special auction The Collection of the Foundation Kunst und Recht (Art and Law). All works will be called at half their lower estimates.

This special auction of art from the Kraft Bretschneider Collection in Tübingen will focus on important German Informel works. The choice offering of classic post-war art is headed by Emil Schumacher’s “Mabudan”. Painted (1965) in oil with collaged canvas on canvas, this work carries an estimate of € 150 000-250 000. Measuring 77 x 179 cm, this Emil Schumacher is charged with colour contrasting black with a range of forceful red-orange tones heightened with white. The artist actually seems to have turned everything inside out, thus opening up glimpses into hidden worlds.

Other pictures revealing “the inner workings of the world” by Emil Schumacher are his 1960 “Abora I” (estimate: € 70 000-90 000) and “Taras Bulba” (1957; estimate: € 40 000-60 000) as well as “Kleines rotes Bild” [“Little Red Picture”] (estimate: € 25 000-35 000), dating from 1961. What all these Schumachers have in common is that they inspire free association and interpretation in a visual thought process due not least to the richly varied refraction of light on the picture surfaces.
Hans Hartungs acrylic on canvas “T 1969-H10” is sure to keep the auction room on tenterhooks. Measuring 50 x 73.5 cm, it was painted in 1969 and is dedicated to Antonio Corpora. The Hartung is to enter the lists carrying an estimate of € 25 000-35 000.

The 1970 Cy Twombly colour offset lithograph “Roman Notes III” and Zoran Music’s “Automne en Dalmatie” [“Autumn in Dalmatia”; 1958] are each estimated at € 15 000-20 000.

Bernard Schultze’s “Weg durch Blühendes II” [“Path through Blooming II”]. Painted in 1952 in oil on hardboard and measuring 72.3 x 94.3 cm, this work could be yours for the estimate of € 15 000-18 000.

That should leave enough to spare for “Bild vom 16.2.54/I” [“Picture of 16 Feb.54”], painted by Karl Otto Götz on a canvas measuring 55 x 70 cm and estimated at € 10 000-15 000.

Other important works in this stellar special auction are by Francis Bott, Carl Buchheister, Sam Francis, Otto Greis, Heinz Kreutz, Serge Poliakoff and Pierre Soulages.

Auction venue: Ketterer Kunst, New House for Art, Joseph-Wild-Strasse 18, 81829 Munich
Auction begins: 4 December, 5.30 pm
The Collection Foundation Art and Law
followed by: POST 1945/Contemporary Art

Exhibition dates, times, venues:
Th 30 Oct. – Su 2 Nov, 11 am-7 pm
Ketterer Kunst, Prinzregentenstrasse 61, 81675 Munich
Tu 4 Nov – Th 6 Nov, 2 pm-7 pm
Kunsthandel Michael Draheim, Taunusstrasse 9, 65183 Wiesbaden
Sa 08.11. – Su 9 Nov, 11 am-4 pm
Galerie für Kunst von Picasso, Bilker Strasse 5, 40213 Düsseldorf
Mo 10.11., 11 am-6 pm
Galerie für Kunst von Picasso, Bilker Strasse 5, 40213 Düsseldorf
We 12 Nov – Fr 14 Nov, 11 am-7 pm
Ketterer Kunst, Meßberg 1, 20095 Hamburg
Su 16 Nov – Th 20 Nov, 11 am-7 pm
Ketterer Kunst, Fasanenstrasse 70, 10719 Berlin

Lectures by Donata Bretschneider/Heidi Naujoks on The collection of the Foundation Kunst und Recht are scheduled in Munich, 30 Oct, 5 pm, in Düsseldorf, 08 Nov and in Berlin, 16 November.

Since it was founded in 1954, Ketterer Kunst has been firmly established in the front ranks of auction houses dealing in art and rare books with headquarters in the Prinz Alfons Palais in Munich and a branch in Hamburg. Gallery rooms in Berlin as well as representatives in Heidelberg, Krefeld and New York have contributed substantially to the company’s success. Ketterer Kunst has further rounded off its portfolio by acquiring the prestigious Ernest Rathenau Verlag, New York/Munich. In addition, exhibitions, special auctions, benefit auctions for charity and online auctions are regular events at Ketterer Kunst.

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