Charles Miller Ltd Maritime & Scientific Models, Instruments & Art Sale Results

Auction held at 25 Blythe Road, London W14 on April 28, 2010

GRAND TOTAL: £414,300 LOTS OFFERED: 236 % SOLD: 91%


249 £57,600 £40,000/60,000 Private
A monumental 1:48 scale dockyard model of the 1st class armoured cruiser H M S Leviathan, built by John Brown & Co. Ltd, Clydebank for the Royal Navy, 1901.

193 £22,800 £5,000/8,000 Private
W. Jones: A new portable Orrery, circa 1791.

238 £19,200 £1,500/2,500 Private
An early 19th century wood and metal model of a Napoleonic French ‘Pontonniers’ bridge building engineer barge and wagon.

243 £16,800 £12,000/15,000 Private
A finely detailed French Prisoner-of-War style wood, bone and baleen model of the third-rate ship-of-the-line Agamemnon.

202 £15,600 £5,000/8,000 Private
A pair of early 19th century 12inch Library Globes by George & John Cary. London

247 £15,600 £5,000/8,000 Private
A builder’s model by Bassett-Lowke of the Norwegian Royal Yacht Norge (ex- Philante) as re-fitted by her builders, Camper & Nicholson, for King Haakon in 1947.

245 £10,800 £3,000/5,000 Private
A fine builder’s presentation 3/8inch:1ft scale model of H.M M.G.B 334, built by A M Dickie for the Royal Navy, 1941.

191 £9,600 3,000/5,000 Private
Nathaniel Hill (fl. 1746-68)A fine 2 3/4inch pocket globe.

241 £9,600 £6,000/8,000 Private
A fine miniature Napoleonic French Prisoner-of-War bone and baleen model of an 80-gun third rate ship-of-the-line.

240 £8,400 £7,000/9.000 Private
An early 19th century wood and copper Napoleonic French Prisoner-of-War model of a 74-gun ship.

Please note that all prices include 20% Buyers Premium

Following the sale, Charles Miller said: “I was delighted with the results of the sale. The room responded well to the broad range and the quality of artefacts and instruments on offer, particularly the scientific instruments which sold very well. I was very pleased with the price paid for the model of H M S Leviathan, which is one of the finest and largest models to be sold at auction in recent years.”

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