Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

83 Properties on Online Real Estate Auction at Rowell Auctions, Inc

Licensed real estate broker Rowell Auctions Inc. presents an online auction of 83 unique properties in the Georgia and North Carolina. Bidding ends on July 26th. The auction will include new homes, townhouses, subdivision lots, whole subdivisions, commercial properties, and businesses.

This highly anticipated auction has many sought-after properties ranging from new homes to townhouses to subdivisions. The lots are spread throughout the states of Georgia and North Carolina and come in variety of sizes and prices, ensuring that everyone looking for a steal on their next investment or home will have something that peaks their interest.

Prospective bidders go to to view information on the properties in Georgia and North Carolina and find properties that interest them. Rowell Auctions, Inc. is also offering real estate auction properties in several other states that perspective investors can research on the website. If bidders have questions the Rowell Auctions site will also explain the terms and conditions of the sale and answer a host of frequently asked questions.

This auction features properties that are ideal for real estate investors who wish to take advantage of great land development opportunities. The properties are foreclosures, bankruptcy assets and other real estate offered by lending institutions eager to see them sold. The auction includes several full subdivisions that can be further developed or sold for profit. This is prime real estate poised for immediate residential development and can only be purchased online from Rowell Auctions, Inc.

Many of the properties have already been placed under contract by using the buy it now option. This “buy it now” options allows buyer to purchase the properties before the end of the auction. So there is no need to wait to get started on a new home or investment. Motivated investors should not hesitate to contact Rowell Auctions at or by phone at 800-323-8388. Real estate offers like this one are rare and offer a chance for any investor to profit from a new personal home or a new business endeavor.

NOTE: The Pre-Auction ‘Buy It Now’ Period of this auction has been extended through the weekend and will end July 18th at 5pm ET.

For more information about this auction visit or call 1-800-323-8388.

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