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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information


(NORTHBROOK, Ill.) – Know a “hot” fireman who’d get a kick out of owning his own website Or a jilted lover who wants to form a website for other jilted lovers and call it How about someone who is so frustrated about learning how to go about getting a website name he literally needs a site titled

All of these domain names, and around 500 more, are currently available to the highest bidder in an Internet-only auction dedicated exclusively to registered domain names being held by Universal Live ( The auction is up and bidders can participate, either directly through the firm’s website or the platforms and

“This is the first-ever domain name auction for us and the first-ever for and, so we’re all anxious to see how well it does,” said Martin Shape of Universal Live. “It’s a wide open market. There are some great names to bid on, in an array of categories. Many start as low as $20.” Mr. Shape added the auction will end Saturday, March 10.

Many of the domain names in the auction pertain to the following categories: sex, clouds (the virtual kind, not the puffy kind), e-commerce, dating and relationships, photography (and especially war-related photography), technology and gaming, and (curiously enough) the Occupy Wall Street movement. Some of the lots are in multiples, featuring more than one domain name.

Domain name auctions are not new. They’ve been around for some time, and a number of factors have contributed to their swift rise in popularity. The personalization of the Internet has resulted in domain names being purchased by more private individuals and businesses than initially estimated. As a result, there’s been a hike in speculation and domain name warehousing.

Anticipating a growing need for a targeted, top-level domain name, “domainers” began to purchase names with an eye toward selling them at a later time. The advancing field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has also increased the desire to own a domain name that accurately reflects the subject matter of the site. Auctions sprang up as a way to match buyers with sellers.

Sites like are especially attractive because they provide state-of-the-art technology and bidding platforms, through which bidders can easily navigate. In the past, if a domain name was already registered by another party, it was generally advisable to simply pick a different name. Now, that domain name could very well be posted for sale in an online auction.

Some of the sex-related domain names in the Universal Live auction are somewhat ribald, but Mr. Shape was quick to note that some crossed the line into indecency and were bumped from the sale. Examples of available names include (est. $1,500-$2,310), (est. $60-$90); (est. $500-$770) and (est. $60-$90).

Some dating and relationships names include and (offered as one lot with a pre-sale estimate of $200-$310); (est. $700-$1,080); the clever and eye-grabbing (est. $1,500-$2,310); (est. $700-$1,080); and (est. $300-$460). The more risqué site is expected to fetch $60-$90.

The e-commerce domain names are many and include (est. $70-$110); (est. $350-$460); and (est. $1,500-$2,310). Militaria and war photography sites include (est. $1,000-$1,540); (est. $250-$380); (est. $120-$180); and (est. $200-$310).

Clouds and the Occupy Wall Street movement are current trends that “domainers” have evidently jumped on with zeal. Cloud names up for bid include (est. $500-$770); (est. $70-$110); (est. $70-$110); (est. $300-$460); (est. $80-$120); and (est. $800-$1,200).

The available Occupy Wall Street sites include (est. $200-$300); (est. $300-$460); and (est. $50-$80). Technology and gaming names include (est. $300-$460); (est. $500-$770); (est. $400-$620); and (est. $1,000-$1,540).

Domain names geared toward photography in general include (est $350-$460); (est. $450-$690); and (est. $300-$460). Some of the domain names defy category, or even explanation, such as (est. $120-$180); (est. $250-$380); and (est. $90-$140).

Universal Live specializes in collectibles, militaria, sports memorabilia, fine art, coins, jewelry and other items. The firm is always accepting quality consignments for future auctions. To consign a single item, a collection or an entire estate, you may call them at (847) 412-9900; or you can e-mail them at [email protected]. All e-mail inquiries are answered promptly.

To learn more about Universal Live, and the Internet Domain Names auction currently underway, please log on to Updates are posted frequently.

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