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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Gateway Gallery Auction to offer Civil War Diary

Gateway Gallery Auction is to auction the Civil War Diary of First Lieutenant Adoniram Judson Hastings of the 42nd U.S.C.T. on October 22, 2012.

The diary of Hastings recounts the closing events of the Civil War including the fall of Richmond, Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, the assassination of President Lincoln, and the shooting of John Wilkes Booth.
“This diary gives us an insight into the everyday life of the unit as well as how people were feeling about the events of the time. By 1865 many folks were weary and ready for the war to end, this diary reflects that. This unit, stationed outside Chattanooga, was in a perfect position to watch the fall of the Confederacy.” Lee Kalfon, Assistant Marketing Director and Research Specialist at Gateway Gallery Auction said.

The diary also tells of the daily activities of the regiment made up of African American troops and includes descriptions of meetings among the enlisted men.

“This was an obscure unit formed late in the war, It is rare to find primary source information on any African American unit, but since the 42nd wasn’t formed until 1864 and performed mostly garrison duty most of their stories have been lost to time.” Kalfon continued.

In addition to the Civil war diary, Gateway’s October 22nd auction will also feature vintage items, clocks, toy tractors, furniture and more. Gateway Gallery Auction holds bi-weekly estate auctions as well as specialty collection auctions. For more information visit or call (717) 263-6512