Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information


The 5-day, internet-only auction is being conducted by The Renaissance Auction Group, based in Reading, Pa. The seller is Yon Zweibon, owner of Beyond Costumes, Inc., in Yonkers, N.Y.

YONKERS, N.Y. – A trove of props and costumes from The Late Show With David Letterman TV show – over 3,000 items, many to be offered in multiples, including articles of clothing worn by Mr. Letterman and his guests, costumes worn in comedy skits, and props from innumerable bits done over the years – will be sold in a series of five online-only auctions, September 19-23.

Klingon mask from a comedy bit on the Letterman show.
Klingon mask from a comedy bit on the Letterman show.
“If you include Late Night With David Letterman and The Late Show With David Letterman, about 5,000 shows were produced over the course of 31 years,” said Bill Howze of The Renaissance Auction Group, the Reading, Pa.-based firm conducting the auction. “Thousands of props, costumes and accessories were used during that period, and they are now being sold at auction.”

The series of auctions is titled “Last Late Show Dates With Dave.” In a nod to the show’s airing schedule, the events will be held Monday through Friday (Sept. 19-23) from 7:30-9 pm Eastern time (90 minutes, just like the show). Lots can be viewed and bid on now through the closing of each auction, online, at The Renaissance Auction Group’s website, They can also be previewed live the weekend of Sept. 17-18 at Beyond Costumes, Inc., located at 530 Nepperhan Avenue in Yonkers, N.Y.

The owner of the business, Ms. Yon Zweibon, acquired the massive inventory last summer after being contacted by a designer from the show during its waning days. “I considered incorporating the collection into my general stock, but it occurred to me there are many people out there who would love to own a piece of a show that was watched by so many millions,” Ms. Zweibon said.

To offer insight into the eclectic nature of the collection, following are lots 1-5 from Session I, to be sold Sept. 19th: a wearable finished cast bust of a New York Yankees baseball player; a pair of red, button-up long johns worn by comedian Martin Short in a skit: a Mexican straw sombrero with embroidered fringe and tassels; a latex-rubber alien mask; and a complete Santa Claus suit.

The session continues with lots 6-10: a red football jersey (#268, denoting the 268th show) and helmet; a size XXL faux black leather jacket with matching jean-style pants; a latex polychrome crocodile head with a green fur body and spiked tail; a size XL full camouflage jacket with an American flag on the right sleeve; and a black graduation gown with a red sash.

The Sept. 19th session will feature costumes, clothing and props worn by David Letterman, his flamboyant bandleader Paul Shaffer and other cast members; items used in skits by Bill Murray, Jacquin Phoenix and Martin Short, among others; US Postal Service clothing, uniforms worn in skits (hats, shorts, work shirts, khaki pants); and memorabilia from Star Wars and other skits.

The Sept. 20th session will include military-themed clothes, uniforms and props (especially US Navy); David Letterman and Paul Shaffer worn suits; African-influenced clothing; “Cats”; Keebler Elf, Spiderman, Ironman, cockroach, turkey, dog and jockey costumes, among others.

The Sept 21st session will contain additional US military-themed items (especially US Army), to include camouflage clothing, flight (jump) suits, olive drab clothing and more; a large group of chefs’ hats and jackets; a Letterman-worn Brooks Brothers shirt; a wide variety of masks used in various themed skits; and sports, hunting and fishing gear.

The Sept. 22nd session will feature baseball and basketball uniforms and equipment; men’s shoes, shirts and ties; women’s shoes, purses and handbags; a Madonna Super Bowl costume; masks from Alien and other skits; a US Masters men’s green sports coat; a distressed Boston Red Sox baseball jersey (#24); and more.

On day five, Sept. 23rd, the auction series will conclude with Hawaiian print shirts worn by Letterman; additional men’s and women’s designer print shirts; men’s hats (to include Stetsons, derbies, fedoras, cowboy hats, fishermen’s hats, berets, sombreros, more); men’s and women’s sweaters and vests; Speedo swimsuits; Everlast boxing gear; football-themed items, gear and apparel; and women’s suits used in Hillary Clinton skits.

All five sessions will include costumes, clothing and props worn by Letterman, Shaffer and other cast members, as well as items used in various skits. The show designers seemed to favor “Made in USA” apparel, as many of the clothing pieces are tagged as such. Items fall into one of three categories: items with no written provenance; items with Wardrobe Department tags and labels; and items with provenance that can be substantiated with video footage from the TV shows.

Some of Yon Zweibon’s personal favorites include the Halloween kids’ costumes, such as a medicine cabinet, a Starbucks coffee cup and a giant moldy raisin; Spiderman costumes (from the “How Many Spidermen Can We Fit In A Jamba Juice” skits); Rupert Lee costumes from the show’s “Hello Deli” skits; the large Sabra Hummus costume; and a Queen Amidala costume.

Mr. Howze mentioned some items, too, such as the many L.L. Bean coats and hunting jackets that will be sold; double-breasted suits worn by Mr. Letterman; and the wild and colorful suits worn by Paul Shaffer. “We’re starting the bidding at $5 for every lot,” Howze said. “All lots sell to the highest bidder. The full catalog is online right now on our company website. I expect this will be a busy, exciting sale.”

The previews will be held the weekend prior to the auctions, at the Beyond Costumes, Inc.’s 22,000-square-foot warehouse (2nd floor) in Yonkers, a city located just outside Manhattan. Shipping is available on most items. Beyond Costumes, Inc., is the largest privately-owned props and costumes rentals firm in metro New York City. The firm is open year-round.

The Renaissance Auction Group is located at 1404 Friedensburg Road in Reading, Pa. The firm assists clients in the liquidation of tangible property, including antiques, collectibles, business inventories and commercial equipment, as well as residential, historic, commercial and agricultural real estate. Benefit auction consultation and production services are also provided.

For more information about the The Renaissance Auction Group and the Sept. 19-23 online only auctions of items from The Late Show With David Letterman, visit Photos of all the lots have been uploaded, and updates are posted frequently. For additional info, you may call Bill Howze at (610) 370-2879; or, you can e-mail him at [email protected]