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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information


The 143-lot catalog is filled with some of the greatest names in all of art history – all attributions.

FRANKLIN, Mass. – A new specialty art auction house that deals exclusively in antique and vintage artworks created in the styles of master artists will hold its inaugural internet-only sale on Thursday, May 17th, with a live webcast that begins at 5:30 pm Eastern time. The firm is appropriately named In the Manner Of, and the catalog for the initial sale is online now – at

Internet bidding is also being facilitated by The 143-lot auction is filled with names that will be familiar to even casual fine art observers, such as Andy Warhol, Vincent van Gogh, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Willem de Kooning, Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, Pablo Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky, Edvard Munch and Clade Monet – superstars every one.

But make no mistake: In the Manner Of makes it clear to everyone visiting its website that all the artworks in this and all future sales are created in the styles of, after, or attributed to, master artists. Its mission is to offer fine artworks for collectors with sophisticated aesthetics. The pieces come with no provenance, no guarantees and no pedigrees. They are, like the name states, ‘In the Manner of.’

“So many consignors have come to us with great paintings that were undocumented originals, tribute pieces or copies that we decided to feature them in their own online auctions,” said Bruce Wood, who founded In the Manner Of with partner William Janosco. “That’s how this auction house was born.” Mr. Wood is also the owner of Woodshed Art Auctions, which offers both originals and attributions.

Wood added, “Many of the works offered have been lived with for decades and loved for no other reason than their artistic energy and beauty. Some may indeed be by the artists whose signatures appear on them, so it’s possible overlooked treasures can be found. But we present them as equal to other artworks that have been created as decorative pieces, emulating the work of beloved artists.”

In the Manner Of positions itself as a specialty art auction house that’s a welcome alternative to what it views as impersonal treatment and jaded opinions found in larger auction venues. “We understand that high quality artworks aren’t limited to those with pedigree documentation,” Wood said, “and we take pride in presenting excellent paintings and drawings to a wide audience of appreciative buyers.”

Several paintings in the May 17th auction carry pre-sale estimates of $20,000-$30,000, to include an untitled oil on canvas done in the manner of Jean-Michel Basquiat (Am., 1960-1988). The 36 ¼ inch by 29 inch unframed work is signed and dated (1983) lower right. Despite its ‘unstudied’ appearance, the painting is a still a unique and striking visual collage that reflects Basquiat’s unmistakable style.

The other two paintings with $20,000-$30,000 estimates are a tempera and gouache on paper that’s attributed to Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853-1890), titled Portrait of a Man Wearing a Hat, signed, with a collector’s or gallery stamp on back and a certificate of authenticity from the van Hassel Galeri in Rotterdam, Holland, 10 inches by 7 ¾ inches, in very good condition; and an abstract painting in the manner of Willem de Kooning (Dutch/Am., 1904-1997), artist signed, 24 inches by 19 ¾ inches.

A watercolor and gouache on laid paper, done in the manner of Pablo Picasso (Sp., 1881-1973), titled Dueling Soldiers, is estimated at $8,000-$12,000. The unframed, 7 ¾ inch by 8 ¾ inch work is signed and bears the stamp of Galerie Anderson Mayer (an art gallery in Paris, previously owned by the noted American art dealers David Anderson and Jack Mayer) and another faint collector’s stamp.

A mixed media on board abstract collage in the manner of Wassily Kandinsky (Russ., 1866-1944), signed lower left and measuring 26 inches by 34 inches framed, should command $12,000-$20,000. The reverse bears Kandinsky’s monogram, plus the remnant of a label with an unknown signature and location from Peru. The artwork has been installed in a new black wooden frame, under glass.

Two artworks painted in the manner of a pair of fine art giants – Edvard Munch (Norw., 1863-1944) and Claude Monet (Fr., 1840-1926) – each carries a pre-sale estimate of $15,000-$20,000. The 8 ½ inch by 11 inch charcoal and watercolor on paper attributed to Munch, titled Group Figure Study, is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Fine Art Company in Helsinki Finland.

The Monet is a tempera on paper with pencil indications titled Poplars. It’s signed and verso marked with the stamp of Simon Galerie in Paris, and reference numbers, and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the Art Collectors Group in Luxembourg. The provenance traces it to two prior owners – one in Rome and one in London. The 11 ½ inch by 7 ¾ inch painting is in good condition.

A tempera and oil on paper, done in the manner of another fine art giant, Pierre-Auguste Renoir (Fr., 1841-1919), titled Vase of Flowers, should bring $10,000-$15,000. The signed still life measures 9 ¾ inches by 7 ¾ inches and has the verso stamp of Arthur Boudin, with a reference number. It is also accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the van Hassel Galeri in Rotterdam in Holland.

A silkscreen and acrylic painting in the manner of the legendary Pop Art icon Andy Warhol (Am., 1928-1987), simply titled Skull, a trial proof in very good condition, 8 ¼ inches by 9 ½ inches, has a pre-sale estimate of $6,000-$10,000. It is marked on the reverse, Contemporary Masters Exhibition, with reference numbers, and is accompanied by a certificate from Gallery 64 in Belfast, Ireland.

A tempera and watercolor on paper in the manner of Jean Baptiste Camille Corot (Fr., 1796-1875), titled Landscape, Countryside (with a figure in a boat), signed lower right and 8 inches by 10 ¼ inches unframed, is expected to gavel for $5,000-$8,000. The reverse bears a Hotel Longchamp collector’s stamp and shows graphite notations. The work comes with a certificate of examination.

In the Manner Of is actively seeking artworks that are created in the style of, after or attributed to master artists. The firm encourages potential sellers who have been turned away from other auction houses because their artwork lacked provenance or did not fit perfectly into so-called “blue chip” auction houses to inquire by phone, at (508) 533-6277; or via e-mail, at [email protected].

To learn more about In the Manner Of and the firm’s inaugural sale now online and ending May 17th, please visit

Mixed media on board abstract collage in the manner of Wassily Kandinsky (Russ., 1866-1944), signed lower left and measuring 26 inches by 34 inches framed (est. $12,000-$20,000).