– Launches Live Auctions, Chat Groups

WILMINGTON, Del –, an ingenious fashion community for tween and teen girls, has just launched GirlSense Marketplace and GirlSense Groups; two new features that take advantage of the excitement of safe real time interaction.

The innovative Marketplace is the newest addition to, a wildly popular online fashion community that blends social networking with an artistic, inspired, virtual fashion world. Now with the addition of GirlSense Marketplace, members’ fashions can be scheduled for live auctions. Bidders will have an opportunity to see the virtual fashions up for auction, view current bids and place their own, chat with other bidders in the auction room and see when the item has been sold.

The new GirlSense Groups offer girls a place to develop a social network around a common interest. Group founders can open up their groups to all interested community members or create private groups enabling them to meet their friends on an invitation-only basis.

To host the group and auction chats in an age appropriate, safe environment, GirlSense uses technology based on a white list (database of words that are allowed) with auto-complete capabilities making this real-time safe chat easy and natural.

Most importantly to its creator, GirlSense is a place where girls can build self-esteem while interacting with their peers. “We wanted an imaginative site that would serve as a positive influence and inspire our members, nurture their creativity, and encourage mastering new skills,” says Cathy Glazer, creator and CEO.

“We are thrilled to give them an even more exciting platform to share their creations and ideas with the GirlSense community.”


StarNet Interactive produces GirlSense and strives to provide members with on-line experiences that are safe, unique, innovative and fun. GirlSense is COPPA compliant (COPPA compliance) requiring site operators to maintain the confidentiality, security and integrity of all members’ personal information 12-years-old or younger.

GirlSense ( now powers the newly designed Style Center for KOL, AOL’s kids site. Users can design clothes and create original fashion lines, open and design personalized e-boutiques to display and “sell” fashions, create original make-up looks and styles and create accessories and mix-your-own nail polish.