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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Historic Ed Price Collection of Early Dimes & Quarter Eagles

Dallas, TX – The Ed Price Collection, a n incomparable variety collection of early Dimes and Quarter Eagles, valued over $4 million, will be auctioned by Heritage Auction Galleries at their Official Auction of the Baltimore ANA, July 30-Aug. 2, 2008. Only one complete collection of draped bust dimes by variety had previously been assembled (Allen F. Lovejoy’s, sold in 1990), and only one complete collection of early quarter eagles (1796-1807) by variety had previously been assembled (by Harry Bass – now on display at ANA Museum). Heritage is proud to present the Ed Price Collection, a complete collection by variety of both the early dimes and quarter eagles, featuring the common reverse dies, such as has never before been assembled.

Ed Price has collected coins since about 1950, when he was eight years old, and like most young collectors, he focused on circulating modern series. After graduation from Yale in 1964, he began to pursue more important coins, and by 1970 he started collecting U.S. type coins. Mr. Price sold most of his type collection in 1988 and began focusing on early Federal coinage; after a decade long search, he had assembled and sold a complete collection of half dime varieties from 1794 through 1805 (and discovered the new variety, 1800 LM-4, in the process). Mr. Price’s 1796 JR-7 and 1803 JR-5 dimes included herewith are also discovery coins.

Mr. Price’s interest in early dimes continued. At the 1990 Lovejoy sale, he bought his 1802 JR-1, still the only known example. Later he purchased the Draped Bust Dime Collection of noted numismatic author Bill Subjack intact. He continued to upgrade his coins with the help of dealer Stu Levine, and ultimately discovered the new variety 1803 JR-5. Almost all of the dimes are in the Condition Census and many are the finest known. Inspired by Subjack and intrigued by the common reverse dies, he simultaneously pursued and completed a collection of early quarter eagles.

The Ed Price Collection:

1792 Disme, Judd-10, High R.6, PR62 Brown NGC. Ex: Judd
1796 Dime, JR-1, R.3, MS64 NGC
1796 Dime, JR-1, R.3, Very Rare EDS. Good 6 PCGS
1796 Dime, JR-2, R.4, MS64 NGC
1796 Dime, JR-3, R.5, MS63 NGC. Ex: Koshkarian
1796 Dime, JR-4, R.4, MS67 * NGC. Ex: Stack
1796 Dime, JR-5, R.5, MS62 NGC. Ex: Whitney, Norweb
1796 Dime, JR-6, R.3, MS64 Prooflike NGC. Ex: Whitney, Bareford
1796 Dime, JR-7, R.9, Fair Details NCS. Discovery Coin
1797 Dime, 16 Stars, JR-1, R.4, MS62 NGC
1797 Dime, 13 Stars, JR-2, R.4, MS65 NGC. Ex: Bolen, Lovejoy, Atwater
1798/7 Dime, 16 Stars Reverse, JR-1, R.3, MS65 NGC
1798/97 Dime, 13 Stars Reverse, JR-2, R.6, MS63 PCGS
1798 Dime, Small 8, JR-3, R.5, MS66 NGC. Ex: Eliasberg
1798 Dime, Large 8, JR-4, R.3, MS64 NGC
1800 Dime, JR-1, R.4, AU58 PCGS.
1800 Dime, JR-2, R.5, MS65 NGC
1800 Dime, JR-2, R.5, Double Struck, MS63 PCGS
1801 Dime, JR-1, R.4, MS63 NGC. Ex: Bolen, Atwater
1801 Dime, JR-1, R.4, Double Struck, AG3 PCGS
1801 Dime, JR-2, R.5, MS61 PCGS
1801 Dime, JR-2, R.5, AU58 PCGS
1801 Dime, JR-2, R.5, AU Details NCS, Very Rare EDS
1802 Dime, JR-1, R.8, AU Details NCS. Ex: Munoz
1802 Dime, JR-2, R.5, MS61 NGC. Ex: Robison
1802 Dime, JR-2, R.5, AU55 NGC. Ex: Miles
1802 Dime, JR-3, R.6, AU58 NGC
1802 Dime, JR-3, R.6, Double Struck, Fair 2 PCGS
1802 Dime, JR-4, R.4, MS62 NGC. Ex: Lovejoy, Bareford, Menjou
1802 Dime, JR-4, R.4, Obverse Cud, XF Details NCS
1803 Dime, JR-1, R.7, XF40 PCGS
1803 Dime, JR-2, R.6, AU58 NGC. Ex: Pittman
1803 Dime, JR-3, R.4, MS64 NGC. Ex: Lovejoy, Parmelee
1803 Dime, JR-4, R.5, AU55 NGC
1803 Dime, JR-5, R.8, XF Details NCS. Discovery Coin
1804 Dime, 13 Stars, JR-1, R.5, AU55 NGC. Ex: Pittman
1804 Dime, 14 Stars, JR-2, R.5, AU58 NGC. Ex: Eliasberg
1805 Dime, Five Berries, JR-1, R.3, MS64 Prooflike NGC. Ex: Gilhousen
1805 Dime, Five Berries, JR-1, R.3, Medal Turn Dies, Fine 15 PCGS
1805 Dime, Five Berries, JR-2 MS64 NGC
1807 Dime, JR-1, R.2, Curved Clip, MS66 PCGS
1807 Dime, JR-1, R.2, MS64 PCGS
1807 Dime, JR-1, R.2, Double Struck, VG Details NCS
1796 $2 , No Stars, BD-1, High R.7, XF45 PCGS
1796 $2 , No Stars, B-2, R.4, MS61 PCGS
1796 $2 , With Stars, BD-3, High R.5, MS62 NGC. Ex: Clapp, Eliasberg
1797 $2 , BD-1, R.6, AU55 NGC. Ex: Fairfield, J.F. Bell
1798 $2 , Four Berries, BD-1, High R.5, AU55 NGC. Ex: Stack
1798 $2 , Five Berries, BD-2, R.5, AU58 NGC. Ex: Keston
1802 $2 , BD-1, R.4, AU58 NGC
1802 $2 , BD-2, High R.5, MS62 NGC
1802 $2 , BD-3, R.5, MS63 NGC
1804 $2 , 13 Stars, BD-1, High R.6, AU55 NGC. Ex: Keston
1804 $2 , 14 Stars, BD-2, R.4, AU58 NGC
1805 $2 , BD-1, R.4, AU58 NGC
1805 $2 , BD-1, R.4, Double Struck, AU58 NGC
1806/4 $2 , 8×5 Stars, BD-1, High R.4, AU55 PCGS
1806/5 $2 , 7×6 Stars, BD-2, High R.5, AU55 PCGS
1807 $2 , BD-1, R.3, AU58 NGC
1807 $2 , BD-1, R.3, Clashed Reverse, AU58 NGC
For information about consigning to Heritage’s Official Auction at the Baltimore ANA, please contact the Consignor Hotline at 800-872-6467 ext. 1000.

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