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AWW is happy to announce the first major online event it is running. The world Fayre to be run from October 1st until October 30th 2008.

The planned event is a buying and selling jamboree on the lines of state or national trade fayres, but run solely for the internet buying community. AWW hope to attract sellers and buyers from around the globe to participate in the event.

However AWW say it is not just for international buying and selling. Sellers will have the option of trading locally, nationally or globally and buyers will be able to choose who they buy from and where.

AWW say the event will be well publicised by press releases, internet advertising, poster and brochure placement and distribution in addition to the Auctions Worldwide community advertising venture. Overall we would hope this event will be advertised to over 100 million people worldwide on every continent. We have designed 5 posters which will be printed in 6 different languages. These will be printed in A2 poster size and placed in high population areas.

AWW hope to attract other new and smaller action venue alternatives to join in this event. To date two alternative auction sites have shown interest and, ideally, they would like up to ten sites to take part.

As an incentive to attract more sellers, AWW is extending its free 90 day all inclusive trial period until the end of May 2008 giving sellers time to prepare for the event. Existing trial users will also have their trial extended, and all trial sellers will have this facility until the end of August 2008.

Any sellers who are interested in taking advantage are encouraged to start planning now and join to prepare for what they hope will be not only a very successful event, but one that we can be repeated on an annual basis.