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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Claiborne Farm Stallion Memorabilia Auction is proud to be the recipient of a very special collection of authentic shoes and memorabilia to be auctioned to benefit the Secretariat Foundation. The Claiborne Farm Stallion Memorabilia Auction features an array of artifacts representing some of the most famous names in Thoroughbred racing and breeding history… including the Big Red champion himself.

The centuries old ties between the Hancocks of Claiborne in Kentucky and the Chenerys of The Meadow in Virginia (Secretariat’s birthplace) is a long and storied one rife with champion Thoroughbreds. Through the decades, the Meadow sent their most accomplished colts to begin new careers as sires to Claiborne, where the proven bloodlines would be carefully managed in the hope of perpetuating this legacy of success. It was Claiborne Farm where Secretariat was conceived and it was to Claiborne he ultimately returned following his phenomenal racing career. For 16 years, the 1973 Triple Crown Champion was Claiborne’s most admired resident, greeting old fans and attracting new ones alike. Today Claiborne continues to be one of the most renowned and successful operations in the Thoroughbred industry and visitors still come to pay their respects to Secretariat at his gravesite.

The Claiborne Farm Stallion Memorabilia Auction consists of shoes and original artifacts obtained from Secretariat and other notable Claiborne stallions, both past and present, including Kentucky Derby winners Unbridled and Monarchos, prominent sires Coronado’s Quest and Pulpit and one of the few surviving sons of Secretariat – Academy Award.

As a special added bonus, the auction features a group of priceless memorabilia from one of history’s most influential and pre-eminent Thoroughbred stallions – Mr. Prospector. All auction items have been preserved in their original condition, carefully maintained and stored in a protected environment. Each item auctioned will be accompanied by a cataloged letter of provenance signed by Penny Chenery and a Claiborne Farm representative.

The Secretariat Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization created by Secretariat’s owner, Penny Chenery to assist the Thoroughbred industry in the areas of research, rehabilitation, retirement, and recognition. Long a supporter of many charities and research programs, Mrs. Chenery named the foundation after her great champion for a specific purpose – to use Secretariat’s enduring appeal to bring greater awareness to the many causes found within the equine-related community.

The Claiborne Farm Stallion Memorabilia Auction will be held on e-Bay for ten days beginning March 20 at 9:00pm and ending on the evening of March 30, Secretariat’s birthday.

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