Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

New Patriotic Auction Service Benefits Our Troops

A new service has been deployed that features a new take on charitable donation to the military. is an auction service much like the other hundreds of services you’d find on the Internet. But what sets apart from the rest is the fact that it donates profits from auctions to our military. These donations take shape in the form of care packages, sponsoring events for soldiers, and much more.

The idea was made into reality by a U.S. Air Force Active Duty Airman by the name of Adam Mulholland. Mulholland decided to offer this service to give back to the military community in which he is fond and proud of. But he doesn’t take all the credit for, as it is stated, This site is also maintained by other Veterans and military personnel that donate their time and experience to help people get what they deserve.

Unlike many retail charity services, doesn’t stress any markup for items. In fact, consumers can find some of the best prices on the Internet via It comes down to the question; if you could help your troops out by paying for something you’d normally buy anyway, what’s stopping you?

As militaristic operations wage on, we can only hope that patriotic services like continue to grace the Internet. Theoretically all charity operations are good but charity operations that could boost morale and possibly save lives are in a league of all their own.

About was established by Adam Mulholland to provide a means of charitable donation to the military, all without demanding inflated prices for everyday items that consumers buy online anyway. Through his experience in the military, Mulholland has gained the responsibility, honor, pride, and sense of justice that flows through into his charitable military auction resource.