New HVAC Equipment Auction and International Directory

New HVAC Equipment Auction and International Directory Worldwide Industrial Marketplace, a division of IndustrialSAVER and member of the US-based Donald LaBelle Associates group, has completed the construction of its on-line HVAC equipment directory and auction site Westboro, MA – The B2B industrial supply trade portal for engineers and manufacturing companies, Worldwide Industrial Marketplace, announced this morning the launch of its first social media and auction-based HVAC marketplace and international directory at HVAC Equipment Auction. According to a company spokesperson, the site is designed specifically for buyers and suppliers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning products for commercial and industrial applications.

The company says HVAC equipment offerings in the auction include at different times an array of heat processing equipment, heaters, furnaces, heat exchangers, heat sensing valves, heat exchanger units, air conditioning systems and compressors, HVAC equipment parts, pipe, hose and tubing, insulation, duct, heating controls, temperature sensors, commercial air conditioners, electric and gas powered heaters, industrial ventilation, air conditioning systems and other HVAC equipment and accessories.

Additional commercial and industrial HVAC products are offered in the company’s HVAC Equipment Directory which focuses on suppliers based in or serving markets throughout the Middle East and Asia. Primarily but not limited to Japan, China, India, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Israel, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Iraq, Taiwan, Kuwait, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan and other countries in the region as well as worldwide.

“As one of the fastest growing trade sites focusing on Asia and the Middle East we have experienced phenomenal growth in the last few months,” says the Vice President of Worldwide Industrial Marketplace, Frank Wallace. He added, “Whether you need new, used or refurbished HVAC equipment or accessories our site can help you find a suitable manufacturer, distributor, importer or exporter serving your area.”

Wallace admits much of the company’s recent success is in direct relation to its partnership with the Industrial Co-op Search Engine According to Wallace, IndustrialCOOP is used by engineers, plant maintenance professionals, construction companies and other industrial professionals worldwide in need of various equipment, machines, tools, raw materials and supplies for their facility or construction site.