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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Clarke Auction Gallery Fourth Annual Fine Art Auction

LARCHMONT, NY – On Monday, May 19 2008, Clarke Auction Gallery will formally launch its Fourth Annual Fine Art Auction with over 300 lots. Fourteen artist records were discreetly set at Clarke’s 2007 sale, discreet because Clarke chooses not to publish its results on the major art data bases in order to protect the privacy of its clients.

Clarke expects its Fourth Annual Fine Art Auction to be its strongest sale with a sometimes provocative and often surprising array of works. It includes paintings from artists whose work rarely appears at auction as well as the heavily listed, sourced from Harlem to Jaffa, the Pampas to the Plains, and Canton to Copenhagen.

American inventory to include:
Works from the meteoric or underappreciated careers of Bob Thompson and other African American artists such as Calvin Burnett, Al Loving, Leonard Jenkins, Charles Sebree, Bob Alston and Benny Andrews; vintage Malcolm X photos; Americans John Wilde, a PAFA-exhibited Anton Refergier, a rare William Scharf, Julian Onderdonck, AB Wenzell, Orson Lowell, Hans Weingaertner, Terence Duren – New Orleans oil, Gilbert Gaul Western painting, Daniel Chester French, Harriett Bowdoin, Chaim Gross, William Gropper, Eugene Berman, Daniel Celentano, Charles Burchfield, Kenneth Frazier, PR McIntosh, William Katz, Mel Fowler, James Rosenberg, Stanley Twardowicz, Benjamin Kopman, Remo Farruggio, Simon Gaon, Irving Marantz, George L Nelson, Eugen Witten, George D. Coulon, Ernest Fiene, Arthur Parton, Oronzo Gasparo, Naomi Lorne, Anne Neagoe, Emily Monrad, Maria Liszt, Jo Cain, Rikki, Ivar Gilbert, Stanley Crane, Charles Hechter, Phillip Little and many more.

European and International Artists
Theo Van Rysselbergh, Constant Permeke, Leon Spilliaert, Gustav Bauernfeind, FA Feilhammer, Eric Isenburger, Ismael de la Serna, Franjo Filopovic, 1924 Oil of Toledo, Ariah Merzer, Theodor Groll, Simon Karczmar, Kathe Kollewicz, Chaim Gross, Diego Rivera, JJ Henner, Camille Corot, F Molina Campos, Yvonne Mottet, Marcel Salinas, B Toppi, Dunoyer De Segonzac, Grieco Violante, Ramon Barnadas Fabregas, Arie Azene, old Tibetan Thangkas, Shigeo Nishimura, Charles Cobelle, Reynolds Thomas, Charles Farrell, Alastair Flattely, Anatol Kovarsky, Jozsef Breznay, Huang Yang-Hui 1942, China Trade gouaches, Simon Gaon, Anselm Krut, C.P. Hallberg, Umberto Betti, Armando Repetto, Rani Naniappa, Juan Antonio Morales, 19th C. Italian gouaches, L. Gagni, Ludwig Kunz, Raymond Besse, Oronzo Gasparo, 19th C. Oil of the Wailing Wall, Gustavo Novoa, Franz Weiss, Kathe Kollwicz, Paolo Garretto, Michel Micha, FW Scarbrough, Walter Dexter, PL Dessau, HS Power, Carlos Andrade, Augusta Bowen. G. Negrisolo, a collection of Danish oils including Ludwig Knaus, Holger Jerichau and unknown artists; Raymond Kanelba, Charles Cluytmans, Otello Bertoffolo, Marino c.1960, and M.Meucci 1876 and more.

Immodest comments?
“We just go places and see people that the big houses don’t – while anyone can find a Monet on a wall, we find Bob Thompson’s in a closet, William Scharf under a bed, or someone walks in with a Leon Spilliaert,” says the auction house’s founder and owner Ronan Clarke. “And the best pieces that we uncover are paintings that I love – not what the galleries are pushing now or what today’s glossies are all dreamy over.”

He concludes “then pound for pound – dollar for dollar – or Euro for Euro, Clarke will outmarket anyone to highlight our finest art.”

Clarke Auction Gallery’s Fourth Annual Fine Art Auction will open at 6:00 pm Monday May 19, 2008 at its Larchmont NY location. Onsite Previews on Saturday and Sunday, May 17-18, noon to 6:00 pm and day-of-sale, 10:00 am to auction start. A catered Opening Reception will take place Saturday May 17 at 6:00 pm.

All lots are currently available for global viewing and bidding through Live Auctioneers at or visit the Clarke website directly

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