Over $3.7 Million Realized in Heritage Comic and Comic Art Auction

Dallas, TX: Heritage Auction Galleries’ latest Signature Auction of vintage comic books and original comic art, held May 23, 2008 in Dallas, Texas, brought $3,721,075 for 1,407 lots, although after-auction sales are still ongoing and are expected to raise the total to even higher levels.

“This auction was highlighted by the spectacular Kylberg Collection,” said Ed Jaster, Vice-President for Dallas-based Heritage, “a remarkable assemblage of virtually all the field’s top comics , including the 1938 first appearance of Superman in Action Comics #1, which realized $116,512 – making it the first restored book ever to exceed $100,000 – and the 1939 first appearance of Batman in Detective Comics #27, that brought $65,725, as well as the first appearances of such later superstars as Iron Man in Tales of Suspense #39, which sold for $10,755, a record price for the grade and more than double Guide. The price realized for the entire collection – nearly $700,000, an average of about $8,000 per book – exceeded everyone’s expectations, including those of Rich Kylberg, the Denver media executive who assembled the collection.”

“Bidders also competed enthusiastically for books from the David N. Toth collection,” Jaster said, “an outstanding selection of high-grade DC comics from the 1950s, many the best-known copies in existence. When the dust cleared, these exquisite comics realized over half a million dollars. As we watched, a dedicated floor bidder snagged Toth’s beautiful copies of The Brave and the Bold #28-30 – the first appearance of the Justice League of America – for an astounding total of $53,178. The good news for collectors is that there are still plenty of books from the Toth collection available in our weekly Internet auctions.”

“As always, original art was a strong category,” said Jaster, “led by two incredibly diverse pieces. The top original art lot in this auction was an early Peanuts Sunday page by the late, great Charles Schulz, dated 7-26-59, that sold for $83,650, followed by Robert Crumb’s original cover art for Hup #3 that realized $68,712. Other original art pieces of note included Fantastic Four #55, page 11 by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott that brought $38,837, and Carl Barks’ oil painting “Flying Dutchman II” that sold for $35,850.”
Jaster continued, “In spite of rising gas prices, an uncertain economy, and an upcoming Presidential election, the results of this auction should reassure everyone that the comic and original comic art hobby is strong and robust. We’re very pleased with the way this auction turned out, and are eagerly looking forward to our next Signature auction in August.”

Highlights of the auction included:
Action Comics #1 (DC, 1938) CGC Apparent VF+ 8.5 Moderate (P) Off-white to white pages: Realized: $116,512
Charles Schulz – Peanuts Sunday Comic Strip Original Art, dated 7-26-59 (United Feature Syndicate, 1959): Realized: $83,650
Robert Crumb – Hup #3 Cover Original Art (Last Gasp, 1989): Realized: $68,712
Detective Comics #27 (DC, 1939) CGC Apparent VF- 7.5 Moderate (P) Off-white to white pages: Realized: $65,725
Flash Comics #104 Mile High pedigree (DC, 1949) CGC NM 9.4 White pages: Realized: $47,800
Flash Comics #1 (DC, 1940) CGC FN+ 6.5 Cream to off-white pages: Realized: $38,837
Robert Crumb – XYZ Comics Cover Original Art (Kitchen Sink, 1972): Realized: $38,837
Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott – Fantastic Four #55, page 11 Original Art (Marvel, 1966): Realized: $38,837
Charles Schulz – Peanuts Daily Comic Strip Original Art, dated 10-20-53 (United Feature Syndicate, 1953): Realized: $35,850
Robert Crumb – Mr. Natural #1 Complete 3-Page Story “The Origins of Mr. Natural” Original Art (Apex Novelties/Don Donahue, 1970): Realized: $35,850
The Brave and the Bold #28 Justice League of America (DC, 1960) CGC NM- 9.2 Off-white pages: Realized: $35,850
Justice League of America #1 (DC, 1960) CGC NM 9.4 Off-white pages: Realized: $35,850
Carl Barks – “Flying Dutchman II” Oil Painting Original Art (1972-90): Realized: $35,850
Charles Schulz – Peanuts Sunday Comic Strip Original Art, dated 5-10-70 (United Feature Syndicate, 1970): Realized: $33,460
Charles Schulz – Peanuts Sunday Comic Strip Original Art, dated 10-20-91 (United Features Syndicate, 1991): Realized: $31,070
Tales of Suspense #39 (Marvel, 1963) CGC VF 8.0 Off-white to white pages: Realized: $10,755
Heritage’s Vintage Comic and Comic Art auction will be held August 6-8, 2008, in Dallas, Texas. For more information, please visit www.HA.com.

Prospective consignors and sellers of Comics and Comic Art are invited to www.HA.com/Sell