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Auction PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Charity Auction to Raise Funds for Sichuan Earthquake Relief

A charity auction of travel products and charity sale of souvenirs will be held on June 14 and 15 at The Hong Kong Travel Agents’ Street at the Travel Expo of ITE & ITE MICE.

On auction will be tour packages, and ticket & hotel packages etc. A donation box will also be set up there. All sums thus received will be donated for relief works of the Sichuan Earthquake. For convenience account auditing, only cash will be accepted in the auction and charity sale.

These charity activities are organized by two Hong Kong leading travel trade associations, The Hong Kong Association of China Travel Organizers (HACTO) and The Hong Kong Association of Travel Agents (HATA), in conjunction with TKS, organizer of The Travel Expo Hong Kong, ITE & ITE MICE.

Offering their products and services in The Travel Agents’ Street are some fifteen local travel agents, majority of which are members of the two associations. They and other members of the two associations donate hundreds of travel products and souvenirs for the charity auction and sale.

“We welcome the public to join us to contribute to relief works of the Sichuan earthquake by giving at the donation box, taking part in the auction or both. Through the auction, they will get their favored travel products and contribute to charity at the same time”, said Mr. SW Yiu, Vice President of HACTO.

Members of our two associations respond positively to our call for donations of products and souvenirs, while others contribute their time for a smooth running. Our warmest thanks to all of them including of course the public who give donation”, said Mr. Michael Wu, Chairman of HATA.

There will also be travel seminars at on-site forum rooms just behind The Travel Agents’ Street, and various functions held at the stage in The Street located at hall 2. But above all, bookings on different destinations and various travel products can be made with exhibitors at The Street, and some of them may even have offers only available in the Travel Expo.

The Travel Expo, ITE & ITE MICE, features a total of over 600 exhibitors from some 50 countries and regions. It will be held from June 12 to 15 at halls 1 and 2 of the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center. The first two days of the Expo are for trade only. Public are welcome to visit the Expo during the last two days and tickets are available onsite. For further details of the Expo, trade and corporate visitors please visit trade websites and, or while the public the website of